Test Your Vocabulary and We'll Guess Your Age

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About This Quiz

If you've ever heard that you are an old soul, it might be because of the words you use. Other than our looks, our words are the first things that others notice about us, and they make assumptions because of it. In fact, we think that after we see the way you use words, we will know exactly how old you are. 

Throughout this vocabulary test, we are not only looking at the answers you choose, but we are also looking at the way you respond. Much like the way our tastes in food evolve as we age, our word usage tends to change over time as well. Once we assess you for your wordy skills, we can place you into the appropriate age group.

Make sure you pay close attention to each question. While some might have you fill in a blank, others might ask you to point out an error. Seeing the words you choose and the answers you select will bring us one step closer to your age with every click. 

Will we be able to figure it out, or will your vocabulary throw us for a loop and leave us looking like a quidnunc? Only your answers know for sure!

Fill in the blank: Angela was behaving in a puerile and ______ manner.

Which sentence is correct?

Peaches are sometimes too cloying. What does cloying mean?

Which word also means spontaneous?

Marcie was not excited. What was she instead?

Fill in the blank with the correct word: Peter was always brave and ______.

Which word also means important?

Fill in the blank: The state of Florida is a _______.

Which word means the same as pious?

Fill in the blank: Randy's parties were always posh and ______.

Which word is the opposite of obscure?

Fill in the blank: Mike's friends thought he was being surly and ______.

Which word is a synonym for wealthy?

Which word would you use to describe bland food?

What is a quidnunc?

Fill in the blank: Everyone thought that Marco's fashion sense was dreamy and ______.

Carla imbibed last Saturday night. What did Carla do?

If notes are not harmonious, what are they?

Fill in the blank: The new baby was alert and ______.

Which word is the opposite of fertile?

Which word means the same as savvy?

What does the word squabble mean?

What is an amice?

Which word is an antonym for humid?

Fill in the blank: Jack Russells are vibrant and _____ dogs.

What does a boat leave in its trail?

Which word also means bitter?

What is a foal?

If you are being facetious, how are you acting?

What does swoon mean?

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