Quiz: Test Your Knowledge With These Questions Every Auto Expert Should Know
Test Your Knowledge With These Questions Every Auto Expert Should Know
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Jitalia17 / E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

From its humble beginnings, the modern car is nothing short of a technological marvel! It takes us wherever we need to go, safely and in a fairly luxurious environment, and above all comfortably. That's unlike early cars, which luckily didn't go too fast otherwise, they would have shaken the driver's and passenger's teeth loose! Luckily, car designers quickly learned that a smooth ride would indeed be a selling point for their automobiles! It's amazing that in just over 130 years, cars have gone from a true "horseless carriage" to what they are today. It's truly difficult to comprehend the rate the change has taken place. I am sure Karl Benz and Henry Ford would be stunned at the modern motor vehicle.

But let's move onto the reason you are here! This quiz consists of 35 questions related to everything you as an auto expert should know about cars, their history, the early pioneers, how car engines work and identifying different models. It is a truly unique quiz in the wide range of questions it covers. So do you have what it takes? Aim for 30 out of 35 and you can be very proud of your effort! Well, what are you waiting for? Good luck!

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