Quiz: Test Your Knowledge: $10 Vocabulary Words Quiz
Test Your Knowledge: $10 Vocabulary Words Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Why employ elementary language when you could besiege an audience with ostentatious terminology? Take our $10 word quiz and test your advanced vocabulary skills!

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What is rodomontade?
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An imitator knows all about what?
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If you get a job as an amanuensis, you'll be doing what?
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Which word refers to bitter criticism?
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If something is incognitable, what will you do?
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Which word means dazzling?
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Which word might you use to describe a beautiful person?
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What's a synonym for pusillanimous?
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If your dog dies, you will probably feel which way?
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What might you do if a friend tells a funny joke?
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To what does "palimpsest" refer?
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What would a cowhearted person do in a scary situation?
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What might a camarilla do?
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Which adjective could describe things from fine living?
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"Cephalonomancy" was a type of divination that involved which body part?
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If you are a sensual person, you probably want which word to describe your lover?
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What does it mean if you have a predilection for something?
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How do you want your gourmet dinner to taste?
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What sort of behavior do you expect to see from politicians?
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The word "inanition" might refer to what state?
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If you call the police for an emergency, you probably don't want to hear them say which word?
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Which word might describe a litter of weaned puppies?
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What sort of job might you expect a snollygoster to perform?
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If your toddler spills his milk all over the rug, what might you do?
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What word might be used to describe a suspenseful movie?
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What might you do when you notice excessive foofaraw?
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A restless single man without standards might look for what kind of woman?
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If you're not excited about potential job advancement, you might be exhibiting what?
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At a funeral, people usually have what look about them?
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Many overbearing leaders might be described as what?
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