Tell Us About Your Thanksgiving Dinner and We'll Guess Where in the US You Live!

By: Brian Whitney
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Thanksgiving is a special tradition for most of us in America, but we all celebrate a little differently depending on what part of the country we live in. What part of the country has its roots in your Thanksgiving celebration?

How expensive is your wine?

Would you ever have a Brazilian Nut Roast for Thanksgiving?

What would you have for bread?

What would you serve as an after-dinner drink?

Would you ever serve ham?

Will you serve warm apple cider?

Is the stuffing inside of the turkey?

What about some corn on the cob?

What kind of pie would you like?

What are you doing when the turkey cooks?

Do you say grace?

How many guests are you planning on having?

What do you do with leftovers?

Do you talk politics at the table?

Are you going to serve food that a relative may have hunted?

Are you serving any food that a family relative caught while fishing?

Are you going to serve dishes that use a family member's garden's vegetables?

Where did the pie come from?

Did you watch the game?

Would you ever have a vegetarian Thanksgiving?

Can you be a vegetarian and still eat turkey once a year?

Would black bean salsa be on your table?

Would you serve pumpkin empanadas?

Would you take a nap after dinner?

Would you ever have your dinner catered?

Would you ever buy your Turkey pre-cooked?

Have you ever invited a stranger without a place to celebrate Thanksgiving to your home for dinner?

Would you use mushroom gravy?

What is better with Thanksgiving food, experimentation or tradition?

How would you feel if you celebrated Thanksgiving alone?

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