Tell Us About Your Taste in Punk Rock and We'll Tell You if You Belong in America or the UK

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Many consider the birth of punk rock to be found in the '60s with garage punk acts like The Seeds. However, others consider the punk rock we know and love today to have started in the early to mid-70s. No matter when you consider punk to have been born, everyone agrees that the tradition continues today! 

As we go through our punk rock quiz, we are going to ask about your favorite acts throughout the ages. The bands and songs you choose as your favorites will go a long way to helping us determine whether you belong in the United States or the United Kingdom. In typical punk rock style, we ask you to respond with your true and honest thoughts. 

From The  X-ray Specs to Green Day, punk offers something for everyone's ears. The things you prefer to blast through your earbuds and to motivate you through life on the fringes of society will let you know which country you are really meant to live in. Just like punk rock comes from the heart, your soul identifies with either the US or the UK more. Tell us about your favorites, and we'll tell you where you really belong! Are you ready to punk rock? 

Do you consider Blink 182 a punk band?

Do you prefer Iggy Pop or Jello Biafra as a frontman?

Which of The Ramones' songs do you like most?

Have you ever listened to The X-ray Specs?

Which song by The Clash is the most powerful?

Which punk singer do you like most?

Which Green Day song would you add to a punk playlist?

Do you prefer Bad Brains or NOFX?

Which song by the Dead Kennedys do you like most?

Which Misfits song would you play at a party?

Which punk haircut could you rock?

Which of The Offspring's songs would you consider most punk rock?

Which of The Stooges' songs do you know by heart?

How do you feel about Crass?

Which Social Distortion song makes you want to party?

Do you prefer The Circle Jerks or the Descendants?

What do you like most about punk rock?

Which Siouxsie and the Banshees song makes your day when you hear it?

Which song by The Sex Pistols is most iconic to you?

Which song by The Damned speaks most to you?

Do you prefer the MC5 or Minor Threat?

Would you rather see The Slits or the X-ray Specs live?

Which Fugazi song would you recommend to a friend?

Which Rancid song gets you most riled up?

Which song by the Buzzcocks makes you want to dance?

Which Bad Religion song could sum up your current life?

Do you listen to Stiff Little Fingers?

Would you consider Wire a punk band like The Sex Pistols?

Which kind of music do you listen to almost as much as punk?

Which song by Sum 41 makes you smile?

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