Tell Us About Your Relationship and We'll Guess if You'll Get Married!

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About This Quiz

Relationships can be beautiful and rewarding benefits in our lives, or they can be a source of stress and discomfort. Unless you are incredibly in tune with your emotions, it can be hard to know which way your relationship is going. If you have a great and positive relationship, you should do your best to continue to build that support with your partner. But if your relationship is less than supportive and caring, it could be time to take a closer look. 

While weddings happen every day, marriage is a full-time commitment. When you are ready for marriage, you are excited to build a life with your partner, and that enthusiasm is returned! You are both ready to embrace the other in times of stress and know that the other person will always help you flourish. This kind of commitment can create beautiful things for both people. When a partnership is secure and caring, its beauty shines out. 

But it is hard to know for sure if you and your significant other are ready for a lifelong commitment. Love is a beautiful thing to be in, but lasting love is hard to see without the use of a time machine. Our detailed relationship quiz will help you know if engagement is right around the corner! 

Who does your significant other call first when they need advice?

Do your friends like them?

Have you talked about what kind of house you want to buy in the future?

Do you have any important secrets you haven't shared with this person?

What kind of decisions have you consulted your partner on?

How was your extended trip with your lover?

How often do you spend your spare time by yourself?

When you are traveling on your own, how often do you talk to them?

If you are feeling lonely, what do you do?

What is your favorite dinner date with them?

How often do you laugh heartily around them?

Do you guys apologize to each other?

What would you do if your partner felt that you didn't give them enough attention?

How often do you go on dates?

What would you do if your partner got their dream job in a different state?

If your date were in an accident, how would you respond?

Do you and your partner do everything together?

What is the biggest item you have purchased together?

How far ahead in your future have you guys discussed?

How frequently do you ask your partner if they still like you?

How frequently do you get jealous of people interacting with your partner?

What is your favorite ordinary thing to do with your partner?

Which bad habit are you most guilty of?

How often do you check in with your partner's feelings?

How well do you know their parents?

How supportive of your career is your partner?

When did you first think about marrying your current dating partner?

Which holidays have you been invited to join their family for?

Who do you look to for relationship advice?

How frequently do you pick up little items for them?

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