Quiz: Tell Us About Your Personality, and We'll Match You To Your Ideal Haircut
Tell Us About Your Personality, and We'll Match You To Your Ideal Haircut
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

If you've been going to the hair salon for years, then chances are you've listened to what your hair stylist says. But what if you've been cutting and styling your hair the wrong way for years? What if you should be getting a totally different look? Well, we've made a quiz that takes what you tell us about yourself and analyzes those answers to recommend the perfect cut you SHOULD be getting. We aren't saying you're trusted hairstylist is entirely wrong about what they've been recommending, but we are confident that we've got a second opinion you can trust. If you want to find out what your new cut should be, keep reading. 

As we said, we want you to tell us about yourself, but mainly about your personality. We'll then be able to tell you whether you deserve a bob, some beautiful, bouncy beach waves, something edgier and a bit asymmetrical or something super short that'll show us your beautiful face. If you're ready to find out what your special cut is, go ahead and start this quiz. And don't forget about us when you end up looking totally gorgeous with your new hairstyle.

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What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

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How would your boss describe your work?

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What hospital job suits your personality best?

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What is your favorite thing to do at the beach?

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What is your current relationship status?

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Which character from "Two Broke Girls" are you most like?

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Which game of chance would you try?

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What kind of music do you listen to most often?

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What school subject did you do best in?

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How do you cheer yourself up when you are feeling down?

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Which actor do you think is most handsome?

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Which cartoon character are you most like?

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How old were you when you got your first job?

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What topping would you add to a sundae?

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