Quiz: Tell Us About Your Personality and We'll Match You to Your Ideal Tattoo
Tell Us About Your Personality and We'll Match You to Your Ideal Tattoo
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Jakob Helbig/Cultura/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Do tattoos and personalities mix? Let's examine this for a while. How does a personality even grow or develop?  One could say that we model what we see, but it can also be said that we are what we've experienced, and it's those experiences that are often reflected in our ink. In fact, some people get tattoos because of what they've been through, whether good or bad, and how these events have shaped them into the person that they are today- just ask Maui, the demigod, from Moana. So, of course, it's easy to see how personalities and tattoos are related. But what should you get? What kind of tattoo does your personality require? We're going to find that out today. Of course if you've been in the military, you likely have some ink from your service, but we're going beyond that!

Is your personality delicate like that of a flower? Are you a free spirit who just goes wherever the wind blows? Are you strong and fierce and always stand up for what you believe in? Or are you a bright star who knows their true north? 

We'll tell you all that and more if you answer our questions. And we'll also tell you which tattoo best matches your personality. 

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What's the first thing you do when you wake up?

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How many hours of sleep do you need?

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Which of these makes you really grumpy?

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Are you easily angered?

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How do you react when someone gets you really mad?

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But what is your best quality?

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What were you like as a kid?

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Did you like going to school?

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What sport did you play in middle school?

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And what was your favorite subject in high school?

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Which clique did you fit into?

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What field do you work in now that you're all grown up?

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What do you do to unwind?

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And who do you like hanging out with the most?

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How do you show your partner that you love them?

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Where do you want to escape to right now?

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And what would you want a free supply of for the rest of forever?

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Now tell us about your love for tattoos. How old were you when you got your first one?

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Which tattoo style are you most drawn to?

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Where do you think is the most painful place to get tattooed?

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If you could get tattooed by any of these masters, who would it be?

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Will you be getting a piercing with this tattoo?

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