Tell Us Your Music Preferences and We'll Guess What Year You Graduated High School

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If you stop and listen to the world around you, you'll hear a variety of music that may bring out certain types of emotions. Music is also a therapeutic way of dealing with a specific problem at hand, such as a bad breakup with someone. Or, you may have noticed that music brings people together in life, especially through concerts and music festivals. In short, music is a powerful tool that goes beyond the lyrics, album cover, melody, or the band's name. In fact, certain songs have been known to change people for the better, and that person could very well be you!

Although there are many different genres of music, some people categorize certain bands or songs by their eras. Each era is very different and unique, as some songs are influenced by previous generations of music, politics, or the current trends of life. Other types of songs don't even have a profound meaning, and they only serve to energize you or make you laugh, such as "Do You Like Waffles" by Parry Gripp. In this musical quiz, we're going to learn more about your music preferences, so we can determine the year you graduated from high school!

If you were on a road trip with some friends, how would you listen to music?

Which of these bands represents your current music tastes?

What do you like to listen to when you study or do chores?

What's your favorite music genre?

Which of these instruments would you love to learn how to play?

What matters more to you, the lyrics or the actual music?

How do you normally find out about new types of music?

Have you ever been to a concert?

Have your music preferences changed over time?

How does good music normally make you feel?

What influences you to buy an artist's song?

Music is best heard through headphones or speakers?

Would you describe your music preferences as more retro or modern?

Do you currently listen to any movie soundtracks?

How do you feel about classical music?

Which of these artists would you love to meet in person?

Music has given you inspiration in your everyday life. Is this true or false?

Do you prefer more well-known bands or lesser-known bands?

Would you rather listen to a song about love or about life?

Do you like to dance to certain types of music?

You often sing in the shower to your favorite songs. True or false?

Which is better for you, a song that is too long or a song that is too short?

Is it more fun to listen to music alone or with some friends?

Are you currently writing any songs?

Have you ever cried to a particular song?

How do you feel about Christmas music?

What do you think about when you listen to your favorite songs?

What would be an accurate title to your favorite playlist?

Is it more fun to listen to your favorite song on repeat or shuffle through different songs?

The early morning hours are a great time for some music, right?

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