Tell Us Your Morning Routine and We'll Tell You What % High Maintenance You Are

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Humans are creatures of habit, and if there's one habit that most of us lock down sometime shortly after leaving college and then don't vary all that much for the following 50 years, it's mornings. If you're a lark, then you spring from your bed with a song in your heart and have plenty of time for your routine. If you're an owl, not so much. Yep, some of us rise and shine, and others... don't.

The eager risers may have the advantage when it comes to having time to prepare themselves for the day, but just because you have more time on your hands, doesn't mean you use it foolishly. If you have an extra hour, why not pop to the gym, walk the dog, or fit in a quick zombie-killing session on the old X-box? 

Some people use the morning to get ahead on work, while others take time to put on their perfect game face. Some lucky souls are so self-confident - or at least, so indifferent to what others think - that they just roll out of bed, brush their teeth, and consider themselves good to go. And still, others work nights and find any activity before noon to be basically the crack of dawn. 

Tell us which of these sounds like you, and we'll figure out just what level of maintenance you require!

How long does it take you between waking up and getting out of bed?

What things do you do to your face in the morning?

How long is a good amount of time to spend on the throne?

Do you shower in the mornings?

How do you decide what to wear?

How long do you spend on your hair?

What food do you have for breakfast?

Can you tell us about your tea or coffee?

It's raining unexpectedly. What do you do?

How much extra time is built into your morning schedule, just in case?

Time to hit the gym?

How long of a walk does the dog get in the morning?

Do you have time to do a quick errand?

Your mom is calling. Do you pick up?

You slept through your alarm. How screwed are you?

What's your idea of a lie-in?

What's on the radio?

How annoying do you find other people in the morning?

Who is most likely to derail your morning routine?

If you ladder a stocking or otherwise ruin your outfit on the way to work, what do you do?

How do you get to work?

When do you first look at a screen?

If you get an annoying email, do you just have to reply to it before you do anything else?

How many medicines do you have to take?

What garment do you put on first?

Do you ever say "screw it" and just go back to bed?

How early is just too early to get up?

You are out of milk. What do you do?

Does your routine change if you are traveling?

Does your routine change if you are camping?

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