Tell Us About Your Military Career and We'll Tell You Which Government Agency You Should Work For

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First and foremost, thank you for your service! Your commitment to your country is appreciated. We are also betting that your time in the service could lead to a magnificent career in the United States Government. Tell us all about your job in the military, and we'll figure out if you should go Secret Service or if you should jump on board the Department of Homeland Security. 

While we relive your days in the military, we will need to asses the skills you learned and the way you approached the challenges you were handed. We will want to know how many times you've been overseas and about the kind of worker your superiors would have considered you. Once we get a good picture of the way you conducted yourself throughout your military career, we'll be able to place you in a government agency that would use your skills the best. 

Let's go back to your days in the service, and learn every detail of the job you performed. Your responses to our questions will tell us if you can apply for top-level security clearance or if you'll need to apply for a less stringent agency. Are you ready to find out?

Were you ever deployed overseas?

Did you sit behind a desk?

Where you in command of anyone?

Did you retire from the military?

Which word sums up your military boss?

Did you fly an aircraft in the military?

Were you ever late for work?

How would you describe your marksmanship skills?

Did you ever have a problem passing a military physical?

How would you describe your time at basic training?

Did you work indoors or outdoors?

How tech savvy did your military job make you?

Are you more strategic or laid back?

What shift did you work in the military?

Did you travel a lot?

Which trait did you time in the military teach you?

What did you wear to your military job?

Were you in the military band?

Which military-related film was your career most like?

Did you have an assistant?

Did you ever take extra long breaks?

Did you use a computer at your military job?

Did you ever meet the president?

How would your military coworkers have described you?

Are you still in touch with any of your military coworkers?

Which branch of the military were you in?

Were you a good team player?

Do you miss your military occupation?

Which skill did you use most at your military job?

Did you work with the public?

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