Quiz: Tell Us About Your Mannerisms and We'll Tell You Your Old English Name
Tell Us About Your Mannerisms and We'll Tell You Your Old English Name
By: Teresa M.
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About This Quiz

It's time to take a look at how ye do things! Your simple, everyday actions and your mannerisms while doing them can tell us a whole lot about your personality. In fact, your mannerisms will tell us which Old English name you should have had embossed on your birth certificate. 

After this quiz, you'll no longer have to endure your boss, your kids, your worst enemy saying your name. You'll have a brand new Old English name they'll need to learn before they can address you.

Whether you're more of an Emma than you are a Samantha or you are more a Patrick than you are a Joshua, your Old English name will give you a renewed sense of identity. You'll feel fresher and lighter shedding the skin of your boring, everyday name. You might even find yourself speaking in an English accent by the time we're done. 

Okay, you might not talk like you grew up on the streets of Birmingham or Manchester, but you will have an official name for your Old English alter ego. Will it be the name you've always envisioned for yourself, or will it be something completely new? You must take the quiz to find out.

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What do you do with your pinky when you drink tea?

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How would your friends describe your laugh?

13.0 of 30
How would you describe yourself in the morning?

15.0 of 30
Which romantic gesture are you likely to give your significant other?

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How would your coworkers describe your demeanor?

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Which hand gesture do you use most?

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When you are drunk, how would your friends say you act?

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Which character from "The Big Bang Theory" are you mannerisms most like?

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