Quiz: Tell Us Your Feelings About These Animals and We'll Guess Which Mythical Creature Is Your Guardian
Tell Us Your Feelings About These Animals and We'll Guess Which Mythical Creature Is Your Guardian
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: My images revolve around the sights seen in Manitoba, Canada / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Your soul is so precious and unique that it needs to be guarded by something out of this world. While many folks believe in things like guardian angels, we happen to think that a soul like yours needs to be protected by a mythical creature. In fact, we think there is already a  mysterious and intelligent mythical guardian looking after you. 

During this quiz, we are going to use your feelings about various animals to figure out what creature guards your every move. Some of you might be fond of reptiles, but others might want to run screaming from the first slithery sign. Depending on your responses to the animals we ask you about, we will be able to determine which mythical beast always has your back. 

From mermaids to dragons, mythical creatures have long held our fascination. With their mysterious and powerful reputations, they make the perfect soul guardians. Although you may have never seen a unicorn, your soul is much more open to their existence. 

Whether you are a dog person or a cat person, you might already know. But tell us your feeling on animals, and we'll let you in on your soul's best-kept secret. Which mythical creature guards you? Take this quiz to find out!

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Which word do ferrets make you think of?

5 of 30
Which kind of big cat is the scariest?

8 of 30
Which apex predator is most fascinating?

9 of 30
Which farm animal is the funniest?

11 of 30
With which animal would you like to swim?

14 of 30
Which word comes to mind when you think of a guinea pig?

15 of 30
Which fish is most amazing?

17 of 30
Which animal sound would you use as a ringtone?

18 of 30
Which animal do you think is the smartest?

19 of 30
Which animal are you most like in the morning?

20 of 30
Which word do horses make you think of?

21 of 30
Which safari animal would you most like to see?

22 of 30
Which kind of monkey do you find most interesting?

23 of 30
How do you react when you see a mouse?

25 of 30
How do you feel when you see a hummingbird?

26 of 30
What do bald eagles make you think of?

30 of 30
Which hoofed creature is the coolest?

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