Tell Us About Your Favorite Rom-Coms and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status

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About This Quiz

Is your relationship status more complicated than a rom-com? Without telling us the specifics of your love life, we'll be able to guess your relationship status from your tastes in romantic comedies. 

Whether you are single and loving it or growing more confused about your relationship by the day, the movies that tug at your heartstrings the most will give away where you are on the relationship scale. 

During the quiz, we'll ask you to tell us about your favorite actresses, actors, and storylines. We'll need to know if you do more crying than laughing when you stream your favorite rom-com. The things you reveal about your favorite films will go a long way towards helping us determine the path your love life is taking. 

Has fate put you together with someone like "Notting Hill's"Anna and Will? Or is there someone you'll never give up on like in "50 First Dates?" The things you find funny and endearing could offer us some clues about how your social media relationship status reads. 

Grab a box of tissues and think about the rom-com you love most. Tell us why they rank amongst your favorites, and we'll tell you what we think your love life looks like. Give us a chance!

Which Hugh Grant rom-com do you like most?

Which '90s rom-com gives you the biggest feels?

If you were in a rom-com, what role would you play?

What did you like most about "Pretty Woman?"

If a rom-com about your life were made, what would it be called?

Which actress do you think makes the best rom-com lead?

Which rom-com would you say your love life is most like?

Did you like "Sleepless in Seattle" or "You've Got Mail" more?

Which rom-com leading man do you like most?

Which rom-com wedding made you reach for the tissues?

When is the last time you watched a rom-com?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Are you more drawn to the romance part or the comedy part of a rom-com?

Would you say that you are romantic?

Which rom-com does your best friend's relationship remind you most of?

Which celebrity couple do you think should make a rom-com together?

Do rom-coms always make you cry?

Which rom-com best friend do you like most?

Which '80s Rom-Com do you think is funniest?

Which love song would you want played at your wedding?

Are rom-com your favorite kind of film?

Which rom-com wedding gown did you like most?

Which rom-com could you watch over and over again?

Which younger actress would you like to see in a rom-com?

Which award do you think a rom-com about your love life would win?

Where would a rom-com about your life take place?

Which character from "Mystic Pizza" are you most like?

Who would be a good co-star for Angelina Jolie in a rom-com?

Which decade do you think made the best rom-com?

Which rom-com does this quiz make you want to go watch the most?

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