Tell Us About Your Dog and We'll Guess Where You Live

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About This Quiz

Our dogs really are our best friends! What would we do with ourselves without a furry companion to show us unconditional love? Just by learning about your dog we'll be able to tell where you live. How is that possible, you might ask? Well, there are many clues found in our dog's behavior and in our human behavior towards our dogs that can lead trained researchers like us to the area you are currently living in. 

For instance, your dog might have a lot of sweaters. The fact that your dog needs a lot of sweaters throughout the year may indicate that you live in a colder climate. Whether your dog is a giant or a tiny terror, their personalities are much affected by the place you live. Even their biological responses like shedding offer up a trail of information that could be used to pinpoint a location. Your number one pal also shares a lot of traits with you, but we'll get to that later. 

For now, we want you to focus on your dog's habits, food likes, and their motivations for doing anything. Although they are adorable, dogs are smart. Their noses, like ours here in quiz land, know more than you might ever think! 

Does your dog have any clothes?

How long does your dog exercise daily?

What might your dog eat when they're out and about, that they shouldn't?

What job does your dog have?

Does your dog expect walkies to be off leash?

How much does your dog weigh?

If your dog got lost, what would it do?

If your dog were to get in a fight, would it win?

How often does your dog attend the groomer?

What weather does your dog like?

What other dog does your dog know?

What does your dog love to snack on?

What does your dog fear?

How does your dog view strangers?

Would your dog turn down food from a stranger?

How old will your dog live?

Do you refer to your dog as your baby or to yourself as a pet parent?

Is your dog a popular breed?

Do people fear your dog?

What stereotype do people have of your dog?

If someone broke into your house, what would your dog do?

What property of yours has your dog ruined?

Would your dog ever pee in the house?

Does your dog like the water?

Where does your dog sleep?

How many commands does your dog know?

How obedient is your dog?

Is your dog good with kids?

If you put a Christmas tree in your house, what would your dog do?

How does your dog feel about your car?

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