Tell Us About Your Day and We'll Give You the Name of Your Guardian Angel

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About This Quiz

The concept of guardian angels is comforting and allows us to feel connected to the higher powers within and around us. No matter what our beliefs, knowing that someone or something is out there looking out for us can often be the inspiration we need to strive to be our best selves. Once you know your guardian angel's name, you'll be able to start to live on a deeper level. By having a name for the guardian of your life, you'll feel more connected with the universe around us. You'll also be able to develop a guardian angel that will go deeper than any earthly relationship ever could. 

To find the name of your angel, we will need to know what you did throughout the day. Did you accomplish as much as a superhero on a mission, or did you drag yourself through it doing only what needed to be done - or perhaps not even as much as that? Share your days with us with a full play-by-play from dawn to dusk, and we'll make sure you know the name of your guardian angel. Once you know, you'll feel more aware of exactly who has your back! Let's get celestial!

What time did you wake up?

How did you feel when you woke up?

What did you have for breakfast, or what do you usually prefer?

Did you enjoy breakfast?

How do you commute?

What do you do before starting your typical day?

What task started your day?

Did you run into any friends or colleagues you like?

Did you have a good morning?

When did you go for lunch?

Was it a good lunch?

Did you spend a lot for lunch?

Did you dine with anyone else?

How did you feel when you were done with lunch?

Did you have any meetings you had to attend?

How did you communicate with your friends or colleagues?

What kind of work or tasks did you do?

Were you pleased with your work?

How did the afternoon feel?

How did you feel at the end of the day?

How was your commute home?

Did you run any errands while you were coming or going?

How did you feel when the day started to wind down?

What was the first thing that happened when you got home?

What did you do before dinner?

How was dinner?

What did you do during dinner?

What did you do after dinner?

When did you go to bed?

How did you feel as you went to sleep?

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