Tell Us About Your Daughter and We'll Tell You How Much Her Quinceanera Will Cost!

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About This Quiz

In this quiz, we're asking you 30 questions about your daughter that will help us determine how much her Quinceanera will cost! Depending on her personality, you'll have to shell out anywhere between $500 to well over $5000 on just one birthday party!

This quiz will ask you all kinds of personality questions about your daughter, including if she's shy, outgoing, adventurous or well-organized. We'll also ask you some questions about her habits and wardrobe, since a person with expensive taste usually likes luxury items in their wardrobe!

Let's take a brief look at what a Quinceanera is. A Quinceanera is similar to a "Sweet 16," except it occurs on a 15th birthday. This type of party is typically very lavish and extravagant in nature, which can end up costing the parents a fortune! Some girls request elegant party decorations, while others splurge on makeup, a cute outfit and an expensive hairstyle.

So, how much money will you end up spending on your daughter's Quinceanera? Will it be under $500 or over $5000? Or will it be somewhere in the middle, ranging from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars! Take this quiz now to see!

Is your daughter spoiled?

Does your daughter have expensive taste?

Does your daughter have a boyfriend?

What kind of cake does she expect for her big party?

What kind of jewelry does your daughter own?

Does your daughter get good grades in school?

What's your daughter's sense of style?

When your daughter buys something from a store, how does she pay for it?

Do you think your daughter is a nice person?

Does your daughter get her nails done frequently?

What does your daughter like to do for fun?

Does your daughter know how to cook?

When your daughter goes shopping, how much does she usually spend?

Does your daughter have a Type A personality?

What kind of stuff does your daughter like to splurge on?

Does your daughter own a lot of name brand items?

Is your daughter popular in school?

How does your daughter feel about doing chores around the house?

Do you think your daughter is high-maintenance?

Is your daughter health-conscious?

Does your daughter procrastinate a lot?

Is your daughter messy or tidy?

What kind of colors does your daughter like?

Where does your daughter like to shop?

How long does it take your daughter to get ready?

Is your daughter the spontaneous type?

What is your daughter's best trait?

Does your daughter have a job?

If your daughter could travel to one of these places, which one would she pick?

If your daughter needs help with something, who does she ask first?

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