Tell Us About Your Childhood Dream Job and We'll Tell You What Job is Perfect For You as an Adult!

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As kids, some of us dream of changing the world, others of working with people, and yet others of avoiding people in favor of numbers. Some want to be creative, others prefer things more predictable. Tell us your dream, and we'll tell you what adult job might make it come the most true!

Did you dream of ordering others around?

Did you want to be creative?

Did you want to change the world?

Did you want to work with people?

How about numbers?

Did you want to make a lot of money?

Did you want to disappoint your parents?

Did you want to outdo your siblings?

Did you want to get out of the office?

Who was a hero of yours?

Did you want to travel for work?

Did you want to be a freelancer (if you knew what that was)?

Did you want a steady job or one with lots of variation?

Did you like computers?

How about building things with your hands?

How innovative were you?

Did you mind being uncool?

Did you mind not having a lot of friends?

Were you smarter than the other kids?

Did you use humor as a defense mechanism?

Did you watch a lot of movies?

Did you ever put on Mommy or Daddy's suit?

Did you want to be a hero?

Did you play on any sports teams?

What about other teams like debate or chess?

Did you play an instrument?

Did you dream of stardom?

Did you feel sorry for all the corporate people in their matching suits and cars?

Did you want to be president?

What sort of place did you want to live?

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