Tell Us What's in Your Purse and We'll Tell You if You Might Be a Hoarder

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Would you be mortified for someone to look inside your bag? Some of us are fairly good at keeping it tidy, and some of us carry around enough supplies for a family of 12. Judging by the contents of your purse, we'll be able to tell if you are a hoarder in your everyday life. Carrying around junk mail from 2002 might be a clear indicator that your purse is a small peek into what your home might look like!

Do you keep every Sunday paper piled up in the corner because you might need it for a project? Do you have lipgloss that outdates a Miami Vice poster in your bag? If you're the type that loads up on clearance items because they could come in handy someday, you may, in fact, be a hoarder. 

Life's busy! We understand, and we're not going to pass judgment on you for the 6 pounds of loose change you carry around. However, we do feel that your suspicions have brought you to this quiz, and it may just be the intervention you need to hear. Tell us how many old movie stubs and old parking tickets you find in your bag, and we'll tell you just how must help you need to clean up your act!

How many lip balms do you have in your bag?

What do you do with receipts?

What surprising item might we find in your bag?

Do you carry snacks in your purse?

Do you have the means to start fire in your bag?

Do you carry medication?

Do you have perfume in your bag?

Do you carry extra eyeliner?

How easily can your find your phone?

Do you have more pens or pencils in your bag?

Do you carry tampons or pads?

Would we find a stapler in your bag?

What Taco Bell item could you buy with the change in your purse?

Do you have a hairbrush in your bag?

How many business cards do you have your bag?

Have you ever put a bill in your bag and forgotten about it?

How many postage stamps do you have in your wallet?

Do you carry a checkbook?

How large is your purse?

Do you carry a phone charger?

What extra article of clothing might you have in your bag?

During the winter, do you carry gloves in your bag?

Do you have hand sanitizer in your bag?

What kind of lotion might be found in your bag?

Do you carry a nail file?

How many purses do you own?

Has anyone ever told you to clean out your bag?

Do you have any gum in your bag?

Do you carry tissues?

Do you carry birth control pills?

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