Quiz: Tell Us What You Thought about These Gilmore Girls Moments, and We'll Tell You Which One You Are!
Tell Us What You Thought about These Gilmore Girls Moments, and We'll Tell You Which One You Are!
By: Teresa M.
Image: Warner Bros. Television

About This Quiz

Since it first aired on the WB in 2000, "Gilmore Girls" kept audiences coming back week after week. While chronicling the love life and times of Rory, Lorelai, and friends, the tales of love, heartbreak, and personal growth gave all of us the relatable feels. But would you have reacted the way they would have reacted to any moment of the show?

Whether you are a little forgetful like Sookie or a whole lot wisecracking like Lorelai, we’re betting that you share a lot of traits someone from the Gilmore Girl’s cast of characters! As you think about how you would have reacted to Richard being harsh with Lorelai at her job, try to be truthful with yourself. Are you as practical as Lane or as driven as Rory? Or would you have had a different reaction to many different scenarios?

If you thought Jess was a real jerk for the way he left town, he might be more like Lorelai than you imagine. The only way to find out is to pretend the things that happened to the characters actually happened to you. Then, we’ll let you know which Gilmore Girl you are most like! Let’s go to Stars Hollow and get started!  

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