Tell Us What You Like About Football and We'll Tell You Which Position Matches Your Personality

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About This Quiz

Whether you are most interested in big passing plays down the field, the strategy of the game, or the halftime show, this quiz will match you with your ideal role on the field.

How interested are you in play-calling and game-management?

How likely are you to comment on the fit of a player's uniform?

At the Super Bowl, are you more interested in the halftime show or the actual game?

How likely are the cheerleaders to distract you from the game?

How do you feel about elaborate touchdown celebrations?

Which body type is most appealing to you?

Punt, pass, catch, or block?

Are you turned on or turned off by big egos?

Are you more likely to engage in conversation or be focused on the game?

How drawn are you to leaders?

Are you more interested in the commercials or the actual game?

When the ball is snapped, where does your focus go?

Which NFL player do you like the most?

Which NFL team do you like the most out of the following choices?

Are you likely to dress up in a costume for a game?

Are you wearing face paint for a game?

How loudly do you cheer?

How much of your team's gear do you own?

Are there rivalry games that you get really fired up for?

How do you feel if your team loses?

How do you feel if your team wins?

Do you tailgate before the games?

Do you feel like the big guys up front don't get enough attention?

What are your feelings about kickers?

How into individual achievements are you in football?

Which play is more likely to get you fired up?

How much pre-game coverage are you likely to watch?

Are you sticking around for the post-game analysis?

Do you bet on football games?

Are you in a fantasy football league?

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