Tell Us What You Like and Dislike About Your Job, and We'll Give You an Unusual Job You'd Be Perfect For!

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Obnoxious bosses. Co-workers that microwave the stinkiest food.  Outdated computer equipment and software, as well as thermostats that freeze you in the midst of summer. We could go on and on. But we want to hear from you about what you dislike about your job. After you answer the questions on this quiz, we hope you'll be pleasantly surprised by the job that best matches your employment desires.  

Be aware, this position will be unusual. It could be a job like a presidential poison taster, a snake milker or a professional bridesmaid. Ever think about writing fortune cookie sayings or scuba diving for golf balls? Why be in a ho-hum job when there are so many fun and unusual jobs out there from which to choose? And, if you don't know about them, how can you become a bed tester (you are paid to sleep at work) or a face feeler (for new facial products)?

Think about it - if you would be unhappy in your current job even with a raise or promotion, then you need to take this quiz today. It will get you thinking about how to tailor-make a job that will keep you happy from 9 to 5. 

How do you feel about cubicles?

Free lunch if you go to the "lunch and learn." How do you feel about it?

Your co-workers bring donuts again. What's your response?

How do you feel about managing people?

Company parties. What are your thoughts on that?

Your company sponsors team events (softball team, bowling team). Do you partake?

How good are you at brown-nosing the boss?

You just found out you need to go on a team-building retreat. What do you do?

How do you feel about your co-workers?

Do you feel compelled to bring back gifts/snacks from your vacation for your co-workers?

Performance reviews can be stressful. How do you feel about them?

Layoffs are always stressful. How do you deal with it?

Do you get along well with your bosses (former and present)?

Growth opportunities at a company - are they important to you?

What's best for you, a relaxed culture or a professional culture?

Chili cook off, holiday bake off - do you participate?

When the client says they'll take you out for lunch, where do you go?

Are the company's history and stability important to you?

Are educational opportunities important for you at your job?

Transnational opportunities are a perk for large corporations. Is that important to you?

Salary is always a dicey issue. Do you make enough for your job category?

How do you feel about the benefits at your company?

Where do you go for your coffee break?

Do you have work/life balance?

The number of passwords needed can be mind-numbing. How do you feel about it?

It's a brainstorming day for new projects. What do you do?

Rules on a clean desktop - how do you respond to that?

Do you feed on the energy in a busy office?

Do you decorate your cube or office?

The smells of other people microwaving their lunches - your opinion?

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