Tell Us If These Foods Are Overrated or Underrated and We'll Guess Your Age

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Are you a mayonnaise hater or lover? Can you not get enough of avocado toast, or do you wish that everyone would quit going on about it? While certain foods seem to randomly gain the spotlight and get incredible hype, no one has ever said that white bread is a superfood. However, while some people would never buy white bread, it is a staple in the diets of many Americans. Whether you are hip to every food craze and suddenly started eating kale or not, we all have a lot of strong opinions when it comes to foods. 

Food can be very personal. It can be tied into important memories and is a major thing that connects people to their cultures and communities. Many people only eat what they just happened to grow up eating and never venture too far outside of that. Food can be a major part of our identities, whether we grew up with certain holiday dishes, or choose to be vegan or vegetarian. Food can be tied into entire lifestyles and ethical views. So, let us know what foods you think are overrated and what foods have slid under the radar, and we will try to guess how old you are!  

Are Swedish Fish underrated or overrated?

This one is very polarizing. What do you think of avocados?

Pineapple on pizza gets a lot of hate. What is your hot take on Hawaiian Pizza?

How do you feel about olives?

Some people say it's #basic. Is iced coffee overrated or underrated?

What do you think of kale?

America has gone crazy for sushi. What do think of it?

How do you feel about french fries?

Are burritos from Chipotle underrated or overrated?

More isn't always more. Is vanilla ice cream underrated or overrated?

What is your hot take on fried chicken?

Brunch is incredibly popular, but how do you feel about it?

Is almond milk underrated or overrated?

Pasta is loved around the world. But how does it rate in your world?

Are apples underrated or overrated?

What do you think of pickles?

What is your opinion of dark chocolate?

What is your opinion of quinoa?

Is Taco Bell food overrated or underrated, in your opinion?

How do you feel about cheeseburgers?

Is steak underrated or overrated?

What is your opinion of macaroni and cheese?

Mozzarella sticks are every kid's favorite. How do you feel about them?

What is your opinion of fish and chips?

What is your opinion when it comes to chili?

What is your hot take on wine?

How do you feel about green bean casserole?

Are cheesesteaks overrated or underrated?

Is gumbo overrated or underrated?

How do you feel about creamed spinach?

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