Tell Us How You'd Solve These Relationship Dilemmas and We'll Guess How Long You've Been with Your Love!

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They say that the course of true love rarely runs smooth, and there's certainly truth in that. Indeed, if everything seems to be going perfectly smoothly and there are no roadblocks or bumps at all, that suggests something is seriously amiss and simply not being addressed. It's a sign of more trouble, not less.

The key is knowing how to resolve conflict in a way that is healthy for both partners, ensuring that they are heard while minimizing the hurt done to the other partner. Couples can work together to make the course of their love run smoother than it might in the face of life's curveballs, from illness to job loss to having to be long distance to meddling relatives to all sorts of other challenges. The couples who make it are the ones who listen, who keep showing up emotionally and practically, who never place their own needs ahead of the team's or their partner's needs, and who remember to ascribe good motives to their boo's behavior rather than assuming the worst.

While women are typically assumed to be naturally better at relationships, generally their only advantage is that they get years of training based on this assumption; men are expected not to know how to do these things as well. Of course, the rewards for men who learn and show up as equals in the labor of the relationship are enormous, with true closeness and lasting love becoming likelier than not. The best couples both take the time and effort to keep on showing up for each other - and they get better with time. That's why we can probably figure out the length of your relationship just from learning how you handle the speed bumps and travails that life throws your way!

Your boo wants pizza and you want sushi. What do you do?

Your boo is consistently late home from their book club. What do you do?

Your boo and your mom don't get on. What's the best way to handle it?

When you fight, how often do you think about leaving?

If your boo is wearing an outfit that looks awful, do you say anything?

Do you worry about whether you like all of their friends?

If they have mental illness, how do you help them?

If you disagree about what kind of car to get, what do you do?

You see a flirty message to your boo from one of their colleagues. Do you mention it?

One of you wants to move in but the other doesn't believe in cohabiting before marriage. What do you do?

You're stuck in separate cities for six months. Is this the end of the relationship?

If your boo has a cold, what do you do?

Your boo has a pretty serious diagnosis. What's the first thing you do?

Your boo has lost their job. What's your first move?

You hate your job but you two need the income. What do you hope your boo does?

You have important exams coming up. How can your boo support you?

You put your foot down about something the kids did, but your boo let them off. What's going to happen next?

Have you ever hung up the phone on your boo?

Have you ever walked out and slammed the door?

You got so mad that you said some things you didn't mean. How do you make it better?

One of you is sick and unable to have sex for a while. What's the other likely to do?

One of you thinks going to a strip club is cheating and the other doesn't. Who's going to get their way?

You left your phone open and your boo looked at your messages. What's the next step here?

If one of you works long full time hours and the other is part-time, who should do more cleaning?

Your boo wants to be friends with their ex but you think it's a bad idea. What's going to happen?

Your boo's family is insisting you both go to them for Christmas. Your family doesn't care about Christmas. However, Christmas is your only time off and you really want to just be with your boo. How do you compromise?

Your boo secretly lost $500 gambling and didn't tell you. As far as you know, this is the first time. How are you going to resolve it?

Your boo says something really hurtful. Did they mean to do it?

The worst has happened: your boo is dying. They want to blow 10K on an amazing last trip together. It'll have to be mostly your money. What do you do?

Your boo decides they aren't going to vote because, "One vote never changed anything." Irrespective of who they would vote for: what's the next step?

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