Tell Us How You Learned This Skill and We'll Guess What Generation You Are

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There are several main types of skills in life. There are "hard skills" like how to write code, how to write a good essay, how to use a spreadsheet, how to weld a joint and so on that are mostly all about doing well in the workplace. There are "life skills" like knowing how to keep your fridge stocked with food, change a tire, make a nutritious meal, or sew up a tear in the lining of your coat without having to pay someone to do it. There are the greatly underrated so-called "soft skills" like how to talk to people, how to be a good listener, or how to motivate a team, the acquisition of which makes it so much easier to acquire all the other skills.

We learn all of these valuable lessons from different people and places and all sorts of resources. There are books, movies and websites. There are educators such as teachers, parents, tutors, priests, aunts, grandpas or guardians. There are peers such as friends, siblings and neighbors. There is also the School of Hard Knocks, where we learn something by doing it wrong a few times.

While everyone picks up a few skills here and a few skills there, depending on your age bracket, you'll tend to have a specific mix. Tell us how you acquired the wisdom that gets you through your day and we'll identify your generational group!

Who taught you to read?

How did you learn to make a soft-boiled egg?

Where did you pick up what you know about dating?

How did you learn to put on foundation?

Who taught you to rewire a plug?

What's the source of your cooking knowledge?

How come you type so fast?

Who taught you how to sit nicely at the dinner table?

Where did you pick up the art of conversation?

How did you acquire the knowledge of the birds and the bees?

What's the source of your driving skills?

Where did you fathom the mysteries of taking transit?

Who taught you to tie your shoes?

How did you acquire the power of speech?

Who instructed you in how to throw and catch a ball?

Where did you learn how to master social media?

Who is your guru when it comes to mathematics?

Where did your knowledge of how to keep fit come from?

How did you learn how to tell a good joke?

Do you remember where you learned how money works?

Who taught you to sew on a button?

What individual or institution taught you how to perform a bias/fact check?

Where did you pick up how to get a passport or driver's license?

Where did you learn how to write a proper letter to a stranger?

Who taught you to RSVP?

Where did you pick up time management tips?

How did you learn to boost your own self-esteem?

How did you come by your knowledge of civics?

Where did you learn how to use your empathy to understand where someone else is coming from?

Who taught you to give a sincere apology that makes the wronged party feel heard?

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