Quiz: Tell Us How You Feel About Winter and We'll Tell You What Percentage Jon Snow You Are
Tell Us How You Feel About Winter and We'll Tell You What Percentage Jon Snow You Are
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

You might think that Jon Snow  of "Game of Thrones" knows nothing when it comes to winter, but we would have to say you are wrong. Seriously, that guy looks more amazing wearing a fur coat with snow in his hair than anyone we have ever seen in our lives. Of course, back then people were riding dragons instead of snowboards, but it seems pretty clear that Jon Snow would have been awesome in the X Games, as well as being a pretty cool King of the North. One thing for sure is that Jon Snow would have totally killed it on a toboggan.

What about you? How well do you roll in the wintertime? Are you the kind of person that freaks out driving at the first sign of snow, or are you the type that doesn't sweat driving during a blizzard? Does making snow angels sound like a great time, or does it sound like torture? Do you wear a winter hat to stay warm, or to try and look hip?  Have you ever made 15 snowballs, just to be ready in case you get attacked in a snowball fight?  Or maybe, just maybe, you hate winter with all your heart. Take this quiz and we will let you just how much you are like Jon Snow.

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