Tell Us How Southern You Are and We'll Tell You Which Deep South State You Should Live In

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There is the south, the deep south, and then there is northern Florida. While many Yankees may think that all of the south is the same, anyone who has lived there knows differently. No one would confuse Atlanta with Mobile. A South Carolinian's football loyalties may not go over well in Mississippi. Even barbecue, that most sacred southern sacrament, varies from state to state.

Local history also plays a role in what sets the culture for any given southern state. Some southern states bear terrible scars from their involvement in the Civil War, while others remained fairly untouched. Some southern states played major roles in the Revolutionary War, while others weren't even one of the 13 original colonies. Some states even split for political reasons, not from the union, but from each other.

Every southern state has its own character, just as every man, woman, and child does. Just because you're a southerner doesn't mean you should live in Kentucky, or Georgia, or North Carolina. How southern are you, really? Take this quiz, and we will gauge exactly how southern you are, and in what way you are southern. In this way, we will pinpoint which southern state you should move to. Take this quiz, and start packing!

How much indoor furniture is on your front porch?

How many derelict vehicles adorn your front lawn?

How many working cylinders are in your truck's engine?

How many of your names do you use in casual conversation?

How many generations has your family been in the south?

What goes best in a mason jar?

Which of the following are you most likely to attend?

What is football?

What is chicken fried steak?

What is Day One?

Which of the following foods can you not do without?

What is the best way to enjoy head cheese?

How would you end the saying, "A good old boy driving down the highway finishes a beer and puts it in a little bag, but a redneck________"?

What makes NASCAR so great?

What is the best form of alcohol?

What was the best movie to take place in the south?

What was the best TV show to come out of the south?

What might a woman wear to church where you're from?

What southern tradition would you insist your children follow?

What do you think of boiled peanuts?

Where was the moon pie invented?

What is the deep south's greatest contribution to the nation?

How much magic are you comfortable with?

How do you celebrate the natural wonder that are lightning bugs?

How do you park at Walmart?

What do they mean when they say "bless your heart"?

What's a pig pickin'?

What do you do with a hushpuppy?

Where do you do your food shopping?

What's your drink of choice?

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