Tell Us How Southern You Are and We'll Tell You What BBQ Side Dish You Are

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There are many ways to express your southern nature, but figuring out with BBQ side dish you are has got to be the tastiest! You might think you are as saucy as a vat of baked beans but are you really all cool and creamy like coleslaw? After you tell us about your level of southern mannerisms and behaviors, we'll be able to tell you which traditional plate filler you are.

While there are few regions of the country as hospitable or as charming as the south, all bets are off when it comes to a good BBQ! With plates full of ribs and dozens of sides to choose from, no one leaves a southern BBQ with clean hands. They do, however, go with full stomachs and days full of leftovers for the refrigerator. 

After we learn your southern ways, we'll be able to match you with your perfect side dish. After you read our questions, take a moment to think about the way you would really answer in real life. The more truthful you are, the more accurately we will be able to match you with a side dish. Which one will it be? Charm us, and we'll tell you!

Have you ever ridden in the back of a truck?

Which kind of wild animal would you try?

Do you use a lot of butter in your cooking?

Do you prefer bourbon or whiskey?

Do you scream "Roll Tide" or "War Eagle?"

Do you curse a lot?

Have you ever been frog gigging?

Which meat do you prefer on the grill?

What kind of barbecue sauce do you like most?

Have you ever been to a cotillion?

Who is your favorite character from "Gone With the Wind?"

Which country music artist do you like most?

Which southern state do you find most interesting?

Which southern word do you use most?

Have you ever been to a hog roast?

Are you better at hunting or fishing?

Which southern restaurant chain do you like most?

Do you call folks sir and ma'am?

How would you describe your manners?

Which famous southerner do you know the most about?

Which southern movie makes you cry?

Which kind of cobbler do you prefer?

Do you own an iron skillet?

What do you say when you hang up the phone?

Do you own a pickup truck?

Do you have Sunday dinner with your family?

Do you say grace before a meal?

Do you enjoy banana pudding?

What is your favorite way to eat okra?

What do you top your grits with?

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