Tell Us About Your Viewpoints and We'll Guess How Much You Actually Agree With Bernie Sanders

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Are you down with another Bernie Sanders run for president? If so, you've got to be happy, because he just declared and is officially in the race.

Bernie Sanders is one of the more polarizing politicians of our time. It seems that most people either truly love him or can't stand him. First of all, while Bernie calls himself a Democratic socialist, there still is the whole "socialist" thing. While some people like the sound of that word, others get all wound up just hearing it. 

Then there are the results of the last election. Some Democrats feel like Bernie would have done way better than Hilary Clinton and are really glad he is back for another run at it, while others just wish Bernie would go away already. Then you have Republicans: for the most part, they aren't feeling it at all. Remember the whole socialism thing we already mentioned? Yeah, republicans have pretty strong feels about socialism. 

If you answer some questions and tell us all about your political, social and cultural viewpoints, we'll break down how aligned you are with Bernie Sanders. The answers might surprise you. Are you feeling the Bern? Take this quiz and find out.

How afraid are you of a politician that identifies with socialism?

How liberal do you think that Barack Obama is?

Do you believe that climate change is real?

What sort of effect are humans having on the environment in general?

Should everyone have the right to a college education?

Should college be free?

Do you think most people who hunt are law-abiding people?

Should there be universal background checks when it comes to buying a gun?

What do you think of the group "Black Lives Matter"?

Do you believe there is systemic racism in the United States?

Do you think it's okay for a candidate to get money from PAC's?

Should the Federal minimum wage be raised to 15 dollars an hour?

Sanders recently said the current minimum wage was a "starvation wage" do you agree?

Do you like the current two party system?

Would you ever vote for a candidate you liked, even if you thought they had no shot at winning?

What would you think if a presidential candidate had a private aircraft?

Should healthcare be free in the United States?

Should wealthy people pay more taxes than poor people?

Should middle class people pay more taxes than poor people?

Do you think a payroll tax hike would be a good way to pay for Universal insurance?

Would you want to pay more taxes to fix roads and bridges?

Were you in favor of the US lead war in Iraq?

How aggressive should the United States be when it comes to protecting our allies militarily?

Do you worry a lot about your personal style?

Government surveillance is a big issue now. Are you a fan of the Patriot Act?

Are you pro choice?

Are you in favor of the death penalty?

Do you think there should be more laws protecting LGBT rights?

Are you in favor or President Trump's proposed border wall?

Do you like it when people you don't know call you by your first name?

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