Tell Us About Your Personality and We’ll Guess How Old You Were When You Were First Pierced!

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About This Quiz

Piercings are a fun way to show off a side of you that others might not always see. For example, maybe you have a rebellious persona that you like to hide from others. Or maybe you like to show off your daring side with lots of ear piercings. No matter what type of piercings you have, it's time to take a trip down memory lane with this beauty and fashion quiz! Take a chance on these 30 questions and we'll guess what age you were when you received your first piercing.

Most people get their ears pierced first before moving on to facial or body piercings. If you're currently thinking about getting another part of your body pierced, be sure to read up on safety and cleaning precautions so you don't get an infection! Don't worry though, infections are pretty rare as long as you keep the pierced area clean, so all you need to worry about is the type of jewelry that you want to show off on yourself. Whatever your piercing and beauty preferences are, tell us more with this personality test. After all, your piercings could reveal something about you that nobody else may know, including what age you were when you received your first piercing!

Would you ever partake in extreme sports like bungee jumping or skydiving?

What is the biggest quality that you look for in a best friend?

Picture yourself 10 years from now. What kinds of changes do you foresee?

If your soul had the scent of a flower, what type of flower would it be?

Are you the type of person who likes to take risks in life or do you prefer to play things more safe?

If your heart was pierced, what color gem would be on the piercing?

You have the option to switch lives with one of these Disney princesses for one day. Who do you choose?

Do you think that piercings may reveal an underlying trait of a person?

If your soul could sparkle, what aspect of mother nature would it shimmer as?

If you were to sit on a bench in a beautiful park, what would you think about to pass the time by?

Clothing choices may come from many different forms of inspiration, but where does it come from for you?

Which of these animals conveys the epitome of beauty to you?

Parched skin can be hydrated with a few techniques. How do you make your skin look more radiant?

If you were to wear one of these lip colors for a first date, which one would you pick?

Don't neglect your nails when it comes to an outfit. Which of these designs would you want painted on your nails?

Choose one of these celebrity makeup artists to glam you up for a night of fun.

Would you be daring enough to wear black lipstick with black eyeshadow?

When you see avant-garde fashion, hair and makeup, how does it make you feel?

What part of your face conveys the majority of your thoughts, feelings and emotions?

You've landed a big role in a movie, which means you can only tolerate _______ hours in a makeup chair.

There are many different celebrity style icons in our world, but which one is your favorite?

You've got a big party coming up, which means it's time to go shoe shopping. Which of these high heels are you going to buy?

There has to be at least one hairstyle that you would never try. Which of these hairstyles would test your bravery?

Someone just offered you $2,000 to shave your entire head. Would you do this?

Would you rather change your eye color, your face shape or the shape of your ears?

Everyone has a specific type of face shape, and we want to know what yours is!

Don't be shy, we all have a few skin problems. What are some of yours?

Do you follow a nightly skin routine or is it more sporadic for you?

Look at the time ... it's brag o'clock, which means it's time for you to brag about one of your most attractive features.

Would you rather smell really bad for a day or have a really awful skin day?

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