Tell Us About Your Life and We’ll Guess the Haircut You Secretly Want

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About This Quiz

It might sound shallow, but nothing can make us feel like a new person quite like a new hairdo can. Perhaps it's because the change that's achieved when you get a new haircut or color can be accomplished in a mere hour, rather than taking months or years. Or perhaps we just like the way that new hair highlights our features in unexpected ways, making our eyes suddenly look larger, or our cheekbones more distinguished.

Have you been craving a big hair change lately? Maybe you want to try out a shorter cut, embrace your natural texture or dye your hair a drastically different shade. If so, what's holding you back from making a salon appointment? Are you worried about the cost? Do you fear the new style would be hard to maintain? Or are you merely sentimental about losing a few inches, since you've spent so much time growing your hair out?

If there's a haircut you've been secretly craving, this quiz will reveal it. We've come up with a series of questions designed to tease out your hidden hair ambitions, as well as the concerns that are keeping you from having the hair of your dreams. Are you ready to let go of your fears and say yes to change, in the form of your stylist's scissors? Then it's time to play this quiz!

How long have you been with your current partner?

Would you rather be vegan for a year or go without make-up for a year?

Do you have much disposable income?

When's the last time you changed your hair?

Let's say you're in the mood for gossip. Which sites do you use when you want to make fun of people?

When you were little, did you like getting dirty while you played or were you fussy about keeping neat?

If you were in the army, what kind of rank would you have?

What's the most complicated thing you can cook?

Do you add salt or hot sauce to your food before tasting it?

Which of these baby names do you find the most annoying?

If you could afford to quit your job tomorrow and go back to school for something else, would you?

Were you the kind of kid who listened to their parents or the kind of kid who rebelled?

If you had to, do you think you could survive camping for a week in the Australian Outback?

Are you the neat one in your home, or is your partner or roommate the main cleaner?

Your boss offers you leadership of your department, as well as a substantial raise. What do you tell her?

Has anyone ever described you as a "pixie" or "elf"?

At what age did you first start driving?

Is your skincare routine rigorous or do you rely on make-up wipes and hope?

If you wanted new furniture, would you save up for it or charge it to your credit card?

Imagine you're having children soon. Would you want to stay home with them?

You have a friend who's always late for your meet-ups. She usually has a very long and complicated excuse for her tardiness. How do you deal with her?

How often do you wash your sheets and towels?

You're walking down the street on your way to an appointment when you see a tabby cat. Do you stop to pet it?

Would you rather get a deluxe massage from someone who smelled bad or a free housecleaning from someone who ate all the leftovers in your fridge?

Are you open to chatting with strangers?

Which of these summer drinks sounds the most delicious to you?

Would you ever consider renting an apartment without seeing it in person?

Are you hoping a new hairstyle will get your crush to finally ask you out?

When you vacuum or sweep, do you move the furniture to make sure you're cleaning everywhere, or do you only focus on the traffic areas?

If you were a mythical creature, what kind of being would you be?

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