Tell Us About Your Dreams and We'll Guess Your Age

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Thomas Jefferson once said "I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past" and it was a pretty relatable statement. History is full of disappointment, sadness, despair, and terrible fashion choices.  Dreams are full of unicorns and social awkwardness with no real-world consequences. Plus things like unicorns and whatnot. It's really hard to go wrong with dreams. But do they have any consistency? Sure, you may have a recurring dream but will you always have that dream?  What are your grandparents dreaming about? Or those young kids with their Instagrams and their YouTubes? Are dreams as different as clothing and musical tastes between generations? You better believe they are!

Your dreams are just a doorway to the inner workings of your mind, so there's no doubt that a dream can be very personal and reveal a lot about the dreamer. We're so confident about this that we're willing to bet we can guess exactly how old you are based on nothing more than some simple knowledge of what you dream about. Answer a few questions, let us know what dreams bubble up in your head night after night, and in no time we'll have your age pegged. Take the quiz and see!

Have you ever had a dream in which you're falling?

Do you ever dream that you're teeth are falling out?

How often do you have that dream that you're going to the bathroom only to wake up because you really have to go to the bathroom?

Do people that you care about ever get kidnapped in your dreams?

Being behind the wheel of a speeding vehicle that's out of control is a common dream. Have you ever experienced that?

So have you ever had that cliche dream when you're at school or work and you're naked?

Everyone has some sexy dreams now and then. How often do you have dreams about people you're not attracted to when you're awake?

Do you ever dream you're in your own house even though, when you think about it, it looks nothing like your house?

In some of your dreams do you ever look completely different than you really do?

Is having a baby something that happens in your dreams?

How often do you feel like you dream about eating food?

Do celebrities ever make guest appearances in your dreams?

One of the most fun kinds of dreams you can have are the ones in which you can fly. Is that something you dream about?

Is showing up late for something important a thing you ever dream about?

Do you ever have dreams where you're a hero, saving other people from danger?

How often does water show up in one form or another in your dreams?

When you're having a nightmare, do you find yourself suffering serious bodily harm as part of it?

How often do you dream about death?

In the dreams you have about death, is it you dying or someone else?

Have you ever been betrayed by someone you care about in your dreams?

Do you have dreams that people are chasing you sometimes?

Are dogs ever running around in your dreams?

Do you dream about getting lost in a building ever?

How often do you dream that someone is making you take some kind of a test?

Sometimes it's fun to dream that you're something you're not and sometimes it's scary. Do you ever dream you're a monster or demon?

How often do you kill someone else in your dreams?

Do you dream about kissing a lot?

Nothing's more frustrating than running in place and going nowhere. Does that ever happen in your dreams?

Is there a lot of fire in your dreams?

Are you ever someone really important or famous in your dreams?

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