Tell Us About Your Childhood and We'll Guess Which Generation You Were Raised By

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When you were a kid, were you addicted to Nickelodeon shows or "Leave It to Beaver"? Did your parents drive '57 Chevys or Honda minivans? Were you allowed to walk to and from your friends' houses? Did you dream of someday kissing Shaun Cassidy, or did you think of Tony Curtis as Mr. Right?

In this quiz, we want to know all about your childhood. Believe it or not, there's a big difference between how kids were brought up in the 1960s and how they were brought up in the 1980s. How could things change so quickly? Chalk it up to major contrasts in parenting philosophy between the generations. For example, Gen Xers tend to be helicopter parents — perhaps because their baby boomer parents raised them as latchkey kids. Boomers themselves, on the other hand, were raised by the silent generation, who placed a huge value on personal responsibility. Maybe that's why baby boomers encouraged their Gen X and millennial kids to care so much about personal expression instead!

If you're curious about whether your childhood matches your parents' generational attitudes, this is the quiz for you! Tell us all about your childhood games, rules and habits, and we'll guess which generation your parents came from. Ready for a trip down memory lane? It's time to play this quiz!


Did you go to preschool?

What kind of milk did you drink?

If you were in a committed relationship in high school, did you call it "going steady"?

How did you get to school?

Did your mom stay at home? When she was at home, did she wear an apron?

What was your favorite candy?

Looking back, do you realize that some of the thing your parents let you do were actually dangerous?

What kind of technology did you use to write school essays?

How were you punished?

On a typical weeknight, what did you eat for dinner?

When you took car trips, were you buckled in?

Do you remember watching TGIF?

Were you allowed to go play without an adult being present?

As a teenager, what was your curfew?

Did you play any sports?

What was your parents' most annoying habit?

If you wanted to call your grandmother long-distance, did it cost extra money?

What kind of clothes did you wear?

Did you have to eat margarine on your toast?

How were you educated about your reproductive health?

What was your favorite game?

Did the teachers make you shower after gym class?

How did your grandparents dress?

When your mom was pregnant with you, did she smoke or drink?

How were your family's groceries delivered?

Did you ever come home to an empty house?

Which musicians were usually on the radio?

On Sundays, did you go to church?

How did you feel about Marcia Brady?

Of all these movies, which one best captures your childhood experience?

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