Tell Us About Your Binge-Watching Habits and We’ll Guess Your Personality Type

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Back in the day, in order to binge-watch shows, we had to wait for "marathons" to pop up on holiday weekends on channels that had purchased said shows in syndication. Later, we were able to binge-watch shows by buying seasons on DVD. However, with the help of streaming services, now we are able to binge-watch nearly every television show that is available on the internet. Not only that, we are able to binge-watch original series that were created by these channels. What luck! 

Of course, the binge-watching phenomenon has created some excellent monsters in the entertainment fan community. The type of binge-watcher you are has become the type of person you are (or perhaps, the type of person you are defines the type of binge-watcher you are). Either way, binge-watching habits are very closely connected to who you are as a person. 

If you aren't sure how your binge-watching habits connect to your personality, consider how the addictive personality binge-watches shows on any streaming service. Then consider how people who were once not interested in TV at all are now rushing home to turn on a show that they love to binge. 

If you don't think binge-watching has anything to do with personality types, take this quiz, and we'll guess what kind of person you are.

Which of these series have you already completed?

Which show are you all caught up on and you can't wait for more?

Did you enjoy binge-watching "Orange Is the New Black"?

If a show is based on a book, when do you read the book?

Let's talk about when you binge. When are you most likely to watch the show you're binge-watching?

Have you ever lost time while binge-watching?

Have you ever binge-watched something so much, you forgot what happened?

How long do you hold your pee while you're binge-watching something?

Which days of the week are you most likely to binge-watch a show?

What is most likely being eaten while you binge?

What do you wear when you binge?

Do you lay on your couch while you binge, or do you sit up?

Do you think what you eat when you binge is important?

What are you doing when you binge-watch something?

Do you ever binge with anyone?

Who is most likely to be your binge partner?

Would you get mad if your binge partner watched your show without you?

What are you most likely to do when your binge partner cancels on a binge date?

Are you more likely to binge when you're happy or sad?

Would you ever binge-watch a show that you don't like?

When a show jumps the shark, are you going to stop binge-watching?

How do you go about finding a great show to binge-watch?

How often do you listen to your friends' recommendations for shows?

How do you feel after you're done binge-watching a show?

Which show would you want to see more episodes of?

Do you think it's important to research a show before you binge-watch it?

Do you feel like binge-watching shows gets in the way of your personal life?

If you receive a phone call or text message during your show, do you answer?

Would you say that you enjoy binge-watching shows?

Did you ever binge-watch shows before streaming services were available?

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