Tell Us About Your Cat and We'll Guess What Job You Have

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About This Quiz

Assuming you own a cat, certain things can likely be said about your job. For a start, you have a job that allows you to come home with enough frequency to feed your cat and see to its other needs, or at least maintain a circle of friends who can step in when you aren't around to do this. That said, this leaves a lot of possibilities. We however, have a new tool at our disposal: science!

Thanks to our partnership with a major cat food brand and the NSA, we have a huge database on cat owners that allows us to pinpoint nearly any fact we want to, from favorite films to tastes in dance and architecture. For purposes of this quiz however, we are narrowing the use of this data set to just occupations. Not every cat lady is a librarian (although our data supports a statistically significant portion of librarians are cat ladies) and not every badass jock is some pit bull-owning meathead. People are as complex and diverse as the breeds of cats they enjoy. 

Are you willing to help improve our data set? Answer just a few brief questions about your car and we will accurately guess what you do for a living!

How often does your cat insist on being in your lap?

How often does your cat want to be social with you at all?

When do you typically like to spend time with your cat?

How does your cat respond to you working from home?

What's your cat's claw situation?

What do you feed your cat?

Do you anthropomorphize your cat?

How often does your cat ruin a cherished piece of art?

How often does your cat turn your books into confetti?

How often does your cat bring you "presents"?

How would you compare your relationship with your cat to your relationship with people?

How often are you the person who takes care of your cat's needs for food, etc.?

How many cats do you actually own?

What's the best thing about your cat?

What name is closest to that of your cat?

How do your friends receive your cat or cats?

How many cats do you wish you owned?

How do your other animals interact with your cat?

What stimulus causes you to cuddle your cat?

How long of a stretch do you go where you don't see your cat?

How do you feel about the noises your cat makes, other than purring?

How does your cat like fish?

How does your cat like red meat?

How does your cat like chicken?

Which of these does your cat like to play with the most?

Where does your cat sleep?

What's your typical first interaction of the day that involves your cat?

How empathetic is your cat?

Other than your home, where is your cat comfortable?

Where did you get your cat?

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