Quiz: Teeth Whitening Quiz
Teeth Whitening Quiz
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Do you want that gleaming white smile you used to have? Take our quiz on teeth whitening to see if you know all of your options.

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What is the most common whitening agent used in do-it-yourself kits?
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True or False: If you're pregnant, you should avoid teeth whitening.
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What do most toothpastes contain to help remove stains from teeth?
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What kinds of stains respond best to whitening?
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What is one potential side effect of teeth whitening?
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How long does it take strips to show a noticeable effect?
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How long do whitenings from gels and strips last?
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If you're using a dentist-supervised kit at home, you're likely using what?
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How long does it take whitening rinses to take effect?
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How many shades can you whiten your teeth with a whitening toothpaste?
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How many shades can strips and gels whiten your teeth?
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How effective can a professional dental whitening treatment be?
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How many professional dental whitening treatments does it take before you notice a change?
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How expensive is professional whitening?
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True or False: Teeth whitening is still safe if you have gum disease.
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Where else might you find teeth whitening agents?
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