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Teenagers are enigmas. As soon as you think you've got them pegged, they turn around and do the complete opposite of what you though they would do. Decorating their room is no different. You may think you know what their tastes are, but you're probably way off. We can help, though. Take this quiz to learn a thing or two about teen decorating.

What is the least expensive and quickest way to change your teenager's room?

In any room, paint is generally the cheapest and quickest way to change up the look. Your teenager might even like to help!


When planning your teen's room décor, what kind of input should you get from him or her?

No teenager needs carte blanche, and unless you're 100 percent sure of your kid's taste, a surprise isn't the best idea. To ensure a good result, plan the room along with your teenager.


If your teenager wants to graduate to a more adult room, what should you do?

There's such a thing as growing up too fast, but a teen can't be expected to sleep in a choo-choo bed forever. When the time comes, update your teen's room for an older look that's still age-appropriate.


What's a good way to choose décor for your teen's room?

If you want your teen (and yourself) to be happy, ask her about her interests so you can pick out things she'll like.


Where do many home decorators say is the first place to start in your teen's room?

Most decorators start with the bedding and go to windows and walls next. Themed accessories come last.


What should every teen bedroom have?

To give your teenager a place of his own to study and do homework, make sure he has a desk.


True or false: The principles of designing a teenager's room are different than the ones that apply to your room or other areas in your living space.

While the furnishings differ, the principles of design are the same for any bedroom.


How should you handle your teenager's decorating budget?

Teaching your teen about budgets is a good thing. Set your total number, and then work with her to plan what she can and can't afford.


True or false: Your teen's taste will likely stay the same from the ages of 14 to 18.

Don't count on your teen's taste staying the same for more than a year or two. If you do, you're going to be in trouble.


Your goal in decorating your teen's room is to:

How much time your teen spends in his or her room is your call as the parent. But the design should be a room that they want to spend time in when they need to.


What type of décor do teens really prefer?

Matchy-matchy rooms can feel cold and impersonal to your teen … and chances are, the bed-in-a-bag, textiles and accessories weren't too fun to select. Eclectic schemes make rooms unified, but they're more fun to create. Rooms with no décor scheme, on the other hand, can be a big eyesore, and your teen won't like spending time there if there's too much visual clutter.


Your teen's space might not be the biggest one in the house, but you can make the room work! What type of bed makes the most out of cramped living quarters?

Teens are too old for bunk beds, and while trundle beds serve a purpose, they don't maximize a floor plan like loft beds do. There's a reason that loft beds are so popular in teeny-tiny college dorm rooms. By choosing to sleep in otherwise wasted space up high, you suddenly have room for a desk or other piece of necessary furniture below.


Which of these bedroom accessories can be dangerous in a teen's room?

Open flames and kids just don't go together well. If your teen is into fragrance, there are other routes you can go with oil diffusers and potpourri.


What type of lighting is no longer reserved for Grandma's dining room?

Every princess at heart will love the elegant, regal touch a small chandelier gives to a space. You can find chandeliers in tons of colors and shapes and at every price point. Just be sure not to hang it too low -- you don't want your teen smacking her head on it every morning!


What's the best way to furnish your teen's room?

Whoa, Mom, the answer here is the happy medium! Your teen doesn't need more furniture than what you've got in the master bedroom, but he does need an upgrade from the kid stuff. He's bigger now, and his tastes are more mature, too. Build a teen-appropriate room with a bigger bed, then shop thrift stores for other pieces to save some money.


How can you use floor-length drapes to revamp your teen's room?

Add chic, unexpected pizazz by hanging drapes from the ceiling behind the bed. This boosts the room's color quotient and adds a touch of richness and maturity.


Stuck with hand-me-down furniture? How can you transform an old bed and dresser to match your teen's tastes?

There's plenty you can do to perk up old furniture! Sand an old wooden dresser and apply a coat of bold, glossy paint, or use stencils to create a funky patterns. Another instant update? New pulls!


What inexpensive, easy-to-install organizational tool keeps your teen's school supplies, accessories and gadgets readily accessible and doesn't take up precious space?

Any of these would work, but peg boards are the least imposing. Your teen will love the funky, industrial look of a peg board mounted over his or her desk (feel free to paint it first), and you'll save the under-bed and closet space for clothes and shoes.


True or false: It's OK for teens to draw on their walls.

Ah, chalkboard paint. It's the saving grace of artistic teens everywhere. Paint one wall or even a section of a wall with it, and your teen can go to town doodling or working out complex equations.


Is your teen looking a little stressed out? How can you help her achieve a more positive, balanced bedroom atmosphere?

There's no need for a total room re-do just because the décor is giving your teen a headache! Research Feng Shui together, and rearrange furniture to create a more harmonious bedroom flow.


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