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Do you remember Wainwright Publishing's Mr. Wainwright, who considered himself an amateur detective and spoke like a Shakespearean character? Or did you wonder why the deceased tenant's sister keeps hanging around the house? See if you're "Too Close For Comfort" with this '80s sitcom.

When we meet Henry Rush, he's a middle-aged artist. What cartoon does he illustrate?

Henry illustrates a weekly children's comic strip called "Cosmic Cow."

What is Henry's "signature look"?

Henry wears a sweatshirt from American colleges and universities in every episode.

Who of the Rush family was the show created for?

The show was created as a vehicle for actor Ted Knight after "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," on which he'd starred for 7 years, ended.

What British sitcom is "Too Close for Comfort" based on?

"Too Close for Comfort" is based on the British sitcom "Keep It in the Family."

Where does the Rush family live?

The Rush family lives in a two-family house in San Francisco, California. The address of the house we see in the opening and closing credits is 171-173 Buena Vista Avenue East.

Which comedian, who later regularly appeared on the game show "Hollywood Squares," plays Sara's friend Monroe Ficus?

Jim J. Bullock plays Monroe Ficus.

With whom do Henry and Muriel share their duplex?

Henry and Muriel live in one-half of the duplex, and their grown daughters live in the other half.

When we meet her, where does Jackie Rush work?

Jackie works at a bank.

Jackie is interested in fashion design. What is the name of Jackie's clothing line?

Jackie's clothing line is called The Jacqueline Rush Collection.

Where does Sara Rush go to college?

When we meet Sara, she's a freshman at San Francisco State College.

What does Sara major in?

Sara is majoring in communications.

What does Sara do at the San Francisco TV station where she works?

Sara becomes a weather girl for a San Francisco TV station.

In her younger, single days, Muriel was a singer in a band. But what does she do now?

Muriel's a freelance photographer.

Who is Mildred Rafkin?

Mildred is the sister of the Rush's former tenant, Myron Rafkin.

What secret did Milton Rafkin keep from the Rush family?

Milton Rafkin was a transvestite.

What extended family comes to stay in the Rush home for about a year?

During Season 2, Henry Rush's niece April Rush (played by Deena Freeman) from Delaware stays with the family for a year.

Outside of the family, who is Henry's one close friend?

Herb is Henry's one and only BFF.

How old is Muriel when she and Henry become pregnant with son Andrew?

Muriel is 42 when she's pregnant with Andrew in Season 2.

Who finds out their adopted when they apply for a passport?

Muriel finds out she's adopted when she applies for a passport for a birthday trip to Paris.

At the suggestion of his therapist, who hires a sex surrogate?

Monroe Ficus, on the recommendation of his therapist, hires a sex surrogate.

Which character slides off the furniture whenever he tries to sit down in the girls' apartment?

At the center of this running gag was Henry Rush.

What stage name does Monroe go by when he decides to try stand-up comedy?

Monroe tries stand-up comedy under the stage name Buddy Ficus.

"Too Close for Comfort" left network TV in 1983 and went to first-run syndication. But in 1985 it was in the works as what new show?

"Too Close for Comfort" became "The Ted Knight Show."

It's hard for Henry when who announces she wants to have a baby with her boyfriend, without getting married first?

It's Henry's daughter Jackie who wants to have a baby with her boyfriend, Bill St. George (whom Henry really likes -- at least up until now).

After it's determined Andrew is able to read before he's 3, Henry and Muriel consider enrolling him in what school?

Muriel and Henry consider enrolling Andrew in The Davenport Project, a school for gifted students, until they find out it's a boarding school.

Which episode was also a pilot for a proposed spinoff about a man who owns a boat repair shop and his adult sons?

"Don't Rock the Boat" was a potential marina-based spinoff.

Who played the character Mercy in the movie "The Warriors" before being cast in "Too Close for Comfort?"

Deborah Van Valkenburgh, the actress who plays Jackie Rush, played Mercy in the movie "The Warriors" before starring on the show.

Looking for further exposure for her clothing line, where does Jackie want to relocate for a job in the fashion industry?

Jackie accepts a job offer that will help launch her fashion career, but it means moving to Italy -- and Henry gets angry.

With the change from "Too Close For Comfort" to "The Ted Knight Show," Henry changes jobs. What's the name of the weekly newspaper Henry buys 49 percent of?

Henry becomes the minority owner of a weekly newspaper when he buys 49 percent of The Marin Bugler.

What kind of event does Henry sponsor in order to increase circulation of the newspaper?

Henry decides that sponsoring a beauty pageant would increase the paper's circulation, until risque photos of the winner pop up.

Who receives a threatening call after he pans a lounge singer's act in the Bugler?

Monroe, who is an entertainment writer for the Bugler, receives a threatening phone call after panning a lounge singer's act in his review.

The last episode of "Too Close for Comfort" in 1983 was the pilot for which proposed spinoff show?

The proposed spinoff was called "Family Business."

Where do Henry, Muriel and son Andrew live after the series changes from "Too Close for Comfort" to "The Ted Knight Show?"

The Rush family moves to Mill Valley, California, just outside San Francisco.

How many new episodes aired after Ted Knight's death, of colon cancer, in 1986?

While no new episodes were shot, the 10 episodes that were already in the can were aired.

When were the episodes of "The Ted Knight Show" renamed under the show's original title, "Too Close for Comfort?"

The single season of "The Ted Knight Show" was retroactively retitled and added as the final season of "Too Close for Comfort" when it went into syndication.

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