Quiz: The Ultimate Tearing Down a Flooded House Quiz
The Ultimate Tearing Down a Flooded House Quiz
By: Staff
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Noah may have had an ark in which to ride out the flood, but the rest of us have major difficulties dealing with one of nature's serious disasters. As if losing household items and precious mementos during a flood weren't bad enough, you may be faced with a big decision if your house has been flood-damaged. Do you rebuild it or tear it down and start over? Take this quiz to review the pros and cons of each choice.

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What should you do in order to drink tap water following a flood?
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What do experts say you should do with mattresses from a flooded house?
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If your local laws do not actually require you to do so, why might you still consider tearing down your house after it has been damaged in a flood?
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What type of damage can result from floodwaters washing up against the sides of your house?
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Under what circumstances will local regulations likely require you to tear down your flooded home?
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What should you do first if demolition is your most logical choice?
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What is the cheapest method that might be available for disposing of the debris from your demolition?
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Why might you not choose to rebuild on the plot where your demolished house stood?
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While moving out of a floodplain has many benefits, what is a major complicating factor in the decision?
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If you decide to simply abandon the land where your house stood, what might you be required by law to do?
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