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Alright, team: How much do you know about Taylor Swift? We're not just talking albums and singles, but cat's names and cultural moments. Unlike Taylor, you'll get a chance to finish.

What was Taylor's first album?

Released in 2006, Taylor released the album when she was just 17.

How many songs did Taylor write or cowrite on her debut album?

Like Mozart and Yo-Yo Ma before her, Taylor was an early musical prodigy.

What's Taylor's middle name?

Which explains my "TAS 4 LIFE" tattoo.

What famous country singer is name-checked on Taylor's first album's tracklist?

"Tim McGraw" was the first single from Swift.

Taylor lived on what kind of farm as a youngster?

Like Taylor would ever come from some suburban cul de sac.

What is Taylor's second album?

"Fearless" came out in 2008.

How many songs did Taylor take sole credit for writing on her first album?

Taylor took solo songwriting credit on three "Taylor Swift" songs.

How many songs did Taylor write alone on "Fearless?"

Taylor's songwriting was getting bolder.

What film has two Taylor-written songs on the soundtrack?

It's nice to imagine Taylor was so inspired by "HM: TM" that the songs just came pouring out.

What category did Taylor win when Kanye West interrupted her MTV Video Music Award acceptance speech?

And then we never heard another thing about Taylor again.

What's Taylor's lucky number?

Taylor was born on the 13th of December, but she claims the number has been good luck in many ways for her.

Taylor was nominated for Best New Artist at the 2008 Grammys. Who won?

It was Taylor's first Grammy nomination.

Where was Taylor born?

Country girl was born a northerner.

How many Grammys did Taylor win in 2010?

But who didn't win multiple Grammy's their 21st year? Yawn.

How many songs did Taylor write (solo) on her third album, "Speak Now?"

Taylor wrote every song herself on "Speak Now."

What show did Taylor appear on in 2009?

She played a DNA sample. Kidding, she played a teenager.

Swift named her fifth album "1989" because:

1989 marked the first year of the Common Era of Taylor.

Swift says that "1989" is her first:

While she kept one foot firmly dangling in country waters before, "1989" marked her first foray into pure pop songwriting.

Who was Taylor named for?

Sweet Baby James beget Sweet Baby Taylor.

What was Taylor's first No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart?

The single from "Red" was a serious hit.

What service did Taylor remove her music from?

Unhappy with royalties paid to musicians, Taylor removed her catalog from Spotify in 2014.

What ensemble movie marked Taylor's big screen debut?

Taylor played Taylor Lautner's girlfriend in the film, which must've been so confusing.

What artist covered the entire "1989" album?

Ryan Adams is so prolific that he'll even record other people's albums in his spare time.

What is one Guinness World Record that Taylor holds?

She should really go for the hula hooping thing, though.

Taylor donated $50,000 to whom in 2014?

After the symphony commissioned John Luther Adams' "Become Ocean," Taylor was inspired to donate to the organization.

Taylor's brother is a graduate of what college?

Austin Swift is Fightin' Irish.

Taylor describes herself as:

Taylor embraces equality for women and doesn't shy away from pointing out that misogyny is still rampant in our society.

What does Taylor claim as her spirit animal?

Taylor says it's because they have to hide a lot, but one could also argue she's wily like one.

What are Taylor's cat's names?

From "SVU" and "Grey's Anatomy," Taylor is down with female leads.

By 2016, how many Grammys has Taylor won?

After three wins in 2016, Taylor's Grammy total fills both hands.

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