Quiz: The Ultimate Tax Free Mutual Funds Quiz
The Ultimate Tax Free Mutual Funds Quiz
By: Staff
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Tax-free mutual funds are one of the most popular types of investments. Rather than invest only your money, you can benefit from power in numbers while saving on taxes. Are these mutual funds the right choice for you? Take our quiz to find out what you know about investing in tax-free mutual funds.

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Which of these best describes the advantage of investing in a mutual fund?
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Approximately what percentage of American investors own shares of mutual funds?
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When did the idea of an investment trust with pooled funds first appear in the United States?
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Approximately how many mutual funds are there in the United States?
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Which of these organizations might issue a municipal bond?
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Municipal bonds account for what percentage of mutual fund bond assets?
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Who guarantees your investment when you purchase municipal bonds?
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Even though they are called tax-free mutual funds, you might have to pay which of these taxes on the income you earn from them?
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Which of these terms refers to a detailed description of a mutual fund's history and activities?
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