Tattoos: Are You Ready to Get a Full Sleeve?

Mark Lichtenstein

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A tattoo is a big commitment. Two tattoos are a statement. A sleeve tattoo is a way of life. You would constantly need to explain it to people, care for it, and be okay with not changing anything. Are you ready for it?

How artistic are you?

Which artist appeals to you the most?

Do you favor words or images?

How committed are you?

How often do you change your mind?

How disciplined are you about your skin care regimen?

Are you a beach person?

Do you have a family history of skin cancer?

Do you like the idea of getting a personalized tattoo, or mostly flash from the tattoo parlor's wall?

How many tattoos do you have already?

Are you thinking of getting the name of a significant other tattooed?

Do you want to confine your tattoos to the sleeve you have in mind?

Do you like the idea of getting a tattoo done with all the latest technology, or the old fashioned way?

Do you mind pain?

Do you mind having to go back for additional work on the tattoo after the first visit?

Do you mind having to explain the tattoo to people all the time?

Do you work in a field that frowns on tattoos?

Do you have a practical tattoo in mind, like a ruler down the edge of your arm?

Do you identify with a sports team that you plan to incorporate into the tattoo?

Do you plan on getting a face tattooed in there somewhere?

Do you want to shock people with your tattoo?

Do you want to frighten people with your tattoo?

Do you want to be mistaken for a member of the Yakuza?

Do you want people to think you could plausibly be a member of the American Mafia?

Do you want to be mistaken for an artist with a bit of a rock and roll aesthetic?

Do you want large geometric forms, like abstract shapes, or a tribal tattoo?

Do you like the idea of getting a long text tattooed around your arm in a spiral?

Is this tattoo for you or for other people?

Will your significant other approve of you getting a tattoo?

Will your parents approve of you getting a tattoo?

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