What Does Your Taste in Soul Food Say About Your Personality?

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Soul food is a kind of cuisine that developed in the southern United States in mostly black communities. The foods in this cuisine have deep roots in African culture, brought to the United States by enslaved populations centuries ago. In the 1960s, the term "soul food" was coined and has since stuck. 

This kind of food involves lots of seasoning, tons of flavor and may not be the healthiest choice. The richness of the cuisine is part of the reason so many people find it delicious, although there are a few dishes here and there that haven't yet become mainstream favorites (we're looking at you, chitterlings.)  

We want you to tell us exactly how you feel about dishes like chicken fried steak, ham hocks, collard greens, cornbread and cobbler. Rate them for us, so that we can tell you a bit about your personality. 

By the time you're done telling us about how much you love apple pie and grits, we'll have enough information to tell you whether you're a perfectionist, a sweetheart or something else. Are you ready to find out what your soul food tastes say about you?

How often do you eat soul food?

What do you like most about it?

What's your favorite soul food dish?

What's the one complaint you'd have, if any, about this kind of food?

How would you rank this kind of cuisine?

How awesome is chicken-fried steak?

Besides the potato, of course, what's the best thing in a potato salad?

What's the best meat to add to grits?

How many years have you been eating mac & cheese?

What makes corn on the cob even better?

How do you like your oxtail cooked?

What part of the animal do chitterlings come from?

On a scale of one to four, where one is the least and four is the most, how delicious are hoecakes?

How creamy should mashed potatoes really be?

Would pecan pie be your first choice in desserts?

Are black-eyed peas your favorite legume?

Do you genuinely enjoy collard greens?

How many times have you eaten jambalaya?

Have you ever eaten hushpuppies?

Which fast food chain makes the best fried chicken?

What's your opinion on hog jowls?

How appetizing does fatback sound?

How many pieces of cornbread can you eat in one sitting?

What's the best ingredient in gumbo?

How often do you drink sweet tea?

How fluffy do you like your biscuits?

Can you rate pound cake for us, from amazing to dreadful?

Are you a fan of pork ribs?

How do you feel about red drink?

What's your opinion of fried fish?

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