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Geography ranks alongside music and acting as a school subject increasingly subject to attacks and cuts as schools focus more and more on teaching to tests in areas like history, English, science, and math. Geography, in case your school didn't have it at all, is the study of the physical features of the Earth, how that relates to human activity, and to a lesser extent, the study of the atmosphere. Geography classes would cover everything from rock formations to roads to countries. Geography tests would ask about capitals, both foreign and domestic, and the strange and wonderful sights in the desolate regions of the planet, where ice, water, stone, and mud combine to form the basis for unique forms of life.

Do you feel your school neglected this subject? How's your geographic knowledge when it comes to the human element, like the locations of famous cities or roads? Can you name the important straits that make major trade routes possible? How up are you on the terraforming of islands in the South China Sea? Knowing what we do about the educational systems of each state, and the geography of each state, we think we can figure out where you live based on your geographical knowledge. We can even narrow it down to the state! Give it a try!

What man-made feature divides Scotland from England?

What is the capital of Russia?

Uluru is another name for this natural formation in the land down under. What's it called?

We now know what the second-highest mountain on Earth really is! What is it?

What famous road goes from Brindisi to the capital of a great empire?

What is the largest nation in the Caribbean?

What is the capital of France?

Through which country's land mass does China's planned Belt and Road Initiative not pass?

In what nation is Mount Fuji located?

What is the capital of Oman?

In which nation is the Autobahn located?

Which Scandinavian nation's economy is largely propped up by exploration in its vast oil fields?

In what nation is the famous city of Timbuktu?

What is the capitol of Canada?

Which nation in the world has the largest total area?

Which nation is also a continent?

What is the name of China's first national park?

What do the Karst Mountains in Guilin contain?

What Central American nation was created by U.S. influence in order to allow the creation of a canal?

What is the capital of The United Kingdom?

How many nations are there in the Caribbean?

What is the longest road in the world?

What is the tallest (not highest) mountain in the world?

Speaking of water sports, for what is Qiantang famous?

What is the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean?

Which of these nations is not in Africa?

Which volcano erupted so violently in the early 1800s that it plunged much of the Earth into a deep winter for more than a year?

What is the capital of Cameroon?

What nation is due west of Argentina?

What is the distinctive characteristic of Tierra Del Fuego?

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