Quiz: Take This Quiz to Find Your Perfect Makeup Style
Take This Quiz to Find Your Perfect Makeup Style
By: Haiden Steingass
Image: Rob Dowsley Photography/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

The way you wear your makeup says a lot about you. It is a way to express yourself, be artistic, and make a statement, and when done right, it's a way to appear confident, put-together, and fashion-forward. 

Think of it as an extension of your outfit. If you were going to a job interview, you wouldn't wear sweatpants and a t-shirt, just as you probably wouldn't wear bright green eyeshadow and sparkly red lipstick. If you were going to a nightclub in Vegas, you probably wouldn't wear a business suit, just as you probably wouldn't forget to put on at least some makeup.

Are we saying that you should wear makeup to be more likable or more attractive? Heck no! But it is good to know that a little makeup actually does serve a purpose other than draining your bank account and taking up way too much of your time in the morning. 

Some styles go in and out of popularity like the smokey eye, and other styles never seem to fade, like red lipstick. So, are you a red-lip lover, or do you hate the idea of staining your lips with anything? We want to know all your preferences, so be our guest... Take this quiz to find our your perfect makeup style.

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