Take This Numerology Test and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

There's a lot of ways to study yourself! From psychic reading to astrology charts, there are ways to learn about your inner mind beyond the power of your brain. But wouldn't you find numbers a little more accurate? Back when Pythagoras created numerology—or, the study of numbers—he certainly did! 

Unlike a lot of numerology tests on the internet, our numerology quiz goes a step further than analyzing the numbers you feel most connected with. Our test will also take a look at your relationship with numbers. Knowing things like your preferences for odds or evens can reveal just as much about you as the numbers you could choose for a lottery ticket. 

The way you interact with numbers and the numbers you like most will inevitably tell us more about you than you probably want us to know. Thankfully, we are only focused on the state of your relationship status. Whether you're counting the number of fish in the sea or you are looking out for number one, your numerical answers will reveal where you are in life. 

Will our magical number of questions figure out your relationship status? Or will you make us go back for a recount? Get started in 3 ... 2 ... 1. 

When you group things together, do you place them in even groups or odd groups?

Many people claim to notice the number 222 a lot, do you?

If you gave your job performance a percentage, what would it be?

Write the date down. Did you use the word for the month or the month's number?

Close your eyes and picture it. How many fingers am I currently holding up?

Which number's square root is a number that you feel connected with?

If you visualize a number between one and 10, is it closer to one or closer to 10?

Which one of these numbers makes you feel a little uncomfortable when you see it?

Do you feel the need to count steps or loud noises?

In order for you to be tempted by a sale, how big does the percentage off need to be?

When you are behind the wheel, which speed feels most natural to you?

As you throw things into your shopping cart, do you keep track of how much you're spending?

Think fast! Which of these months has more than 30 days?

Are you able to remember important dates without writing them down?

Build your own lottery ticket with these numbers. Which one is the winner?

It's almost the end of the workday. Do you count the minutes?

What is the very maximum amount of money you would shell out for an ice cream cone?

The song says, "Three is a magic number." Do you agree?

Which number's multiplication sequence gives you the most mental trouble?

If you had a craving for a hoagie or a sub, what size would you order?

Can you recite your license plate or driver's license number off the top of your head?

Which of these prime numbers stands out the most?

Add up the digits of your phone number. Does it total a number greater or less than 50?

Would you be able to eat a baker's dozen of chocolate chip cookies?

Which unit of measurement do you use to measure your physical activity levels?

Is there a certain age that you have always looked forward to being one day?

When you knock on a door, how many knocks do you use?

You might love animals, but how many pets is too many pets?

Eight is a lucky number in Chinese culture. Which number feels the luckiest to you?

Are you better with long division or multiplying fractions?

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