Take This Disney Quiz and We'll Match You to a Britney Spears Era

Katie Ormsby

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About This Quiz

Do you remember the first Britney Spears song you heard? It was probably her schoolgirl megahit "...Baby One More Time." Don't let that bubblegum debut fool you. There is so much more to this pop queen! She went from wholesome Disney Mouseketeer to provocative pop star, bouncing back from personal lows. A year after infamously shaving her head, she returned to form with "Womanizer." As they say, "If Britney survived 2007, you can make it through today."

Like Britney Spears, Disney has evolved over the years. It's transitioned from the golden age of animated classics to today's live-action spectaculars, introducing us to new worlds and countless characters. From Snow White to Forky, Disney's beloved characters run the gamut. Which heroine inspires you to be your best? If you had to work for a villain, which would you choose? These selections will help us pinpoint your Britney Spears era. 

Will your choices reveal you to be the girl next door with some edge? Maybe you've got tons of spunk and a theatrical streak. Or are you a daring diva? Perhaps hardships have made you stronger. There's only one way to find out! Tell us your Disney opinions and we'll tell you which iconic Britney Spears era you embody.  

Which princess are you most like?

If you woke up with the ability to grant wishes, what would you give yourself first?

If you had to work for a villain, which would you choose?

Whose closet would you raid?

Which sidekick always cracks you up?

What type of Disney movie would you star in?

Which heroine inspires you to be your best?

If you could "Freaky Friday" swap lives with one of these characters, which would it be?

Which dad do you want?

If you had to live with a dwarf, which would you choose?

Which Disney castle is your dream home?

Which toy would have been your childhood favorite?

If you could catch a ride on a character, which would it be?

Which character would you trust to give you a makeover?

If you could suddenly communicate with animals, what would you do?

Which character should be your pet?

If you lived in the Wreck-It Ralph universe, where would you call home?

Who would make the best sibling?

Which character would whip you into shape?

If you could become besties with any magical character, which would you choose?

Whose poster would you hang in your room?

What Disney movie did you watch the most as a kid?

If you were planning a sleepover, which Disney Channel character would you invite?

Which mom reminds you of your own?

If you picked a personal anthem, which character's signature song would it be?

If you were called on to save the day, how would you do it?

Which duo would you join?

If you had a nightmare, who would you call for comfort?

Which villain is the scariest?

If you were hosting a party, who would you hire to plan it?

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