Quiz: Take This Bible Literacy Quiz and We’ll Guess If You Can Be a Missionary
Take This Bible Literacy Quiz and We’ll Guess If You Can Be a Missionary
By: Teresa McGlothlin
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About This Quiz

Whether you've been considering entering into missionary work or you are simply curious if you are cut out for it, this quiz was meant for you. After you prove your knowledge, we'll let you know where you stand on the ready-to-be-a-missionary scale. Should you start planning your tour of service, or should you look for fulfilling work closer to home? 

Throughout this quiz, we are going to attempt to get to know you as well as the member of clergy behind the confessional does. In order to prove your Bible literacy, we are going to give you a real challenge! Instead of asking you about facts and stories, we're going to compare your best traits to some of the greatest missionaries in the world. Answer our questions as honestly as you can, and you'll get the answer you are most likely seeking. 

Being a missionary is about simply spreading the word! Many times, being a missionary is providing support to underprivileged folks, and using your sense of goodness to help others. Once we've compared you to a few Biblical figures and gauged your reactions to the actions of a few disciples, we'll let you know if you are cut out for missionary work. Are you? 

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Which biblical king would you fear most?

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Which ancient biblical site would you like to visit?

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What is the name of the biblical woman about which you know the most?

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Which of the four gospels do you know best?

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Which biblical creature is most fascinating?

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What sort of biblical job would you like to try?

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What do you think they served at The Last Supper?

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If you could interview a disciple, which one would it be?

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Which of the Bible's most popular foods do you prefer?

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With which part of the Holy Trinity do you feel most connected?

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How do you imagine the Garden of Eden in your mind?

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Which biblical story is most memorable?

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Which of the Bible's female rulers is most interesting?

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Which lesson from the Bible is most important to teach others?

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How would you rate your biblical knowledge?

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