Quiz: Take the Style Quiz to Discover Your Best Look!
Take the Style Quiz to Discover Your Best Look!
By: Teresa M.
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Most of you were born stylish! Others, like the writers here at Zoo, could use a little help. Never fear, this fashionably designed style quiz will help you look your best no matter how fearless you are in the dressing room mirrors. The quiz also has better lighting than any mall store, so you'll get a really good feel for what makes you look your best without the torture of having to try anything on! 

As you go through the questions, we'll ask about the way you dress. Even more importantly, we'll ask about your lifestyle. It's important to rock the best look that suits the way you live. You'll never look your best wearing clothing that makes you feel as uncomfortable as wearing a business suit to the gym. We'll also take your job and your activity levels into account. It's a little challenging to race to the airport gate wearing a pencil skirt and heels! 

You don't need to get dressed up while you take the quiz. We would actually prefer for you to pour yourself a glass of wine so we'll get the truest answers you have to give. We're eager to find out your best version of yourself! Are you ready? 

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