Take Over the World and We'll Guess Which Historic Conqueror You Are

Zoe Samuel

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Conquerors: history is littered with them. Just about every existing culture has produced at least one, and, one could argue, that's why their homeland still exists. Some conquerors wanted it all and played every last card they had. Other conquerors had very specific goals in mind when they got started and didn't bother going past them.

One thing most conquerors had in common is their willingness to stop at nothing to claim what they falsely believed was their right to take. From Columbus in what we now call the United States to the Roman emperors and the leaders in the Far East, conquerors fought and killed to get whatever it was they were after, nevermind if there were already people on the land, animals who would go extinct, or property that would be destroyed by their actions.

Some conquerors created a new paradigm, spawning thrones that generations of would-be emperors would fight over for centuries. Other conquerors were aberrant one-offs whose impact was limited to a few monuments and a cultural tradition here and there. There are conquerors whose names are recognizable even by those who didn't pay attention in history class, and then there are those who even the most astute historian would be hard pressed to recall.

In addition to their names and goals, conquerors had preferred methods, like certain criminals. Some leaned very heavily on one branch of the military. Others relied heavily on a technological edge. Some used intelligence extensively, while others blundered into victory in spite of a total lack of spies. Some conquerors conquered in the name of a god, and others did it in their own name. Here's the rub: if you tell us how you would conquer the world, we can tell you which historical conqueror you really are. Are you ready?

How would you assemble an army with which to conquer the world?

Which nation's natural resources would you want to go after first?

How would you approach conquering Australia?

Into which branch of the military would you pour the most resources?

Which nation would you sanction in order to get them to let you use their airspace?

Which modern nation would you consider your greatest opponent?

How would you deploy your spies in North America?

With which superpower would you ally yourself, in order to keep them from turning on you until the endgame?

How will you make your enemies look silly at the UN?

Which nation would you capture for its tactical positioning?

When invading China, which part would you take first?

How would you cement your rule in a major industrialized nation once you captured it?

How would you go about getting the conquered people of China on your side?

How would you win the hearts of the Americans you conquered?

What would you do about Vladimir Putin?

In which kind of military hardware would you invest?

What's your secret weapon, used only in desperate times?

What would your cyberwarfare campaign focus on?

How would you deploy your spies in South America?

If western Europe surrendered to you without a fight, how would their lives improve?

How would you reign in a continent like Africa?

How would you use South America, strategically speaking?

What out of the box element would you incorporate into your strategy of global domination?

How will you win over world leaders, in order to turn them into your vassals?

What sort of monuments would you build in the nations you conquered by force?

How much of the world would you conquer before offering the rest a chance to let you take them peacefully?

How long a campaign would you plan to have?

How would you reward your army after a successful conquest?

Which nation would you conquer for its technology and industrial capabilities?

What are the odds your war would just blow up the whole world and send us all screaming into the dark ages?

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